Gatorade releases 2020 international campaign with new campaign featuring Leo Messi, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan

Gatorade is committed to boost elite athletes and knows what it takes to become a GOAT – the greatest of all time. Today, one of the world’s top sports drink brands launches its most spectacular and impressive international campaign to date with the help of four of the world’s most iconic athletes.

Gatorade’s 2020 campaign highlights the brand’s continued commitment to support and drive the next generation of athletes, our future GOAT.

The creative centres around Gatorade’s “Goat Camp”: a mythical performance destination where promising athletes have the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. The specially selected GOAT futures are identified and they are given a golden ticket that gives them access to the camp.

Located on the beam-shaped campus, attendees are welcomed with a glimpse of one of Michael Jordan‘s legendary dunks and a Serena Williams throw-in with a concrete-breaking, power-serving fireball; This gives them an idea of ​​what is coming.

In the “Messi Station”, the Barcelona captain defies the laws of physics by facing a team of bionic legs, moving non-stop to prove, once again, that he is the undisputed GOAT of football. Then, attendees enter the “Speed ​​Station”, where Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, autographs each athlete’s shirt in the blink of an eye.

The campaign will also feature creative brand images and digital video content plagued with stars. The “Goat Camp” campaign will be presented in the key Gatorade markets worldwide.

Leo Messi commented: “Working in the new commercial of Gatorade was great. I loved the idea of ​​a “Goat Camp”, a place where athletes can work to realise their dreams of being the best. Gatorade is part of my routine daily training; I hope the campaign helps inspire the younger generation to train, nurture and perform better than ever before.”

Gisela Robledo Gil, a Colombian footballer, stars in the announcement along with some of the most important names in the sport. The rising star participated in the Gatorade 5v5 Global 2019 Soccer Tournament, an annual futsal tournament for young people between 14 and 16 from around the world, where she helped the Colombian team to win the victory in the women’s competition.

In September 2019, Gatorade presented the inspiring story of Gisela and her trip to the global 5v5 finals in an original documentary series titled “Cantera 5v5“, which premiered during the Tribeca TV Festival in New York.

“Gatorade is proud to incentivise the next generation of athletes and give them the opportunity to maximise their potential and become the best in the future,” said Mark Kirkham, Vice President and General Manager of Sports Nutrition and Juices, Global Beverages Group at PepsiCo.

“Whether on the football field, the court or the track, some of the best athletes in the world rely on Gatorade to boost their performance; and we want to help raise the next generation in the same way.”

Gatorade is a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League.

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