Endless Stockpile of Tin CansWBF works with a team of researchers to collect and analyse data in order to better understand brands and the branding industry. This research is also used to determine global brand rankings. Data is collected from a wide range of sources and this work is essential in developing models that help the industry in many ways.


 Best-Practice Standards Development

Conference hallWBF has a team that work on the development of best-practice standards and guidelines. Such guidelines cover traditional methods of branding to newer platforms such as social media. Guidelines are essential in ensuring best performance standards as well as high ethical standards for the industry.



Conference HallWBF organises and supports conferences held around the world. Conferences allow practitioners to raise and highlight key issues in the industry. It is also a platform for practitioners to be able to network and discuss topics relevant to the industry.

 Workshops & Seminars

People at the conferenceOne of the major concerns of the WBF is in education. Continuous industry education is essential in order to raise the standards in the branding industry. The WBF organises and supports such initiatives on subjects covering branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, media and more.


 World Branding Awards

Gala dinner tableRecognition is an important factor in the setting of benchmarks. To highlight the great work and achievements of brands, the WBF organises the World Branding Awards. For more information, visit the Awards website.



 Student Education Programmes

Group of young people in business trainingWBF supports outreach programmes and educational platforms designed to engage students. It is actively involved in this area in order to promote the disciplines around branding including design, advertising, marketing and public relations to the next generation of branders. Programmes include demonstrations, talks, debates, workshops and showcases.

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