About WBF

About the World Branding Forum

The World Branding Forum (WBF) is a registered global non-profit organisation.

Its aims and activities are to provide benefit to all those involved in the branding community, including those who work in the branding, design, marketing, advertising, public relations and communications disciplines worldwide.

In particular, the organisation’s objectives are to advance the standards, skills and education of all those involved in the branding and related industries.

The WBF produces, manages and supports a wide range of programmes covering research, development, education, recognition, networking and outreach.

Main Activities

The main activities of the World Branding Forum are:

  • To develop and implement a wide range of programmes including conferences, seminars, talks, debates and workshops
  • To research, develop and implement standards, best practice guidelines and tools, and relevant branding programmes
  • To develop and implement relevant award programmes


The World Branding Forum is a social organisation designed to benefit communities, and is subject to an ‘asset lock’, which ensures the organisation’s assets are used for the benefit of the community.

The organisation is subject to rules set by the Office of the CIC Regulator, which adopts the systems and controls of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) in the United Kingdom.