Coca-Cola will expand its Coke Studio arm by introducing versatile artists and unique music.

Always one to evolve with the times, Coca-Cola’s evolution this time revolves around Coke Studio, its original music hub. Setup as a music platform, the studio aims to go beyond merely recording advertising songs with a typical background score.

In today’s world, marketers emphasise more on music culture to evoke certain emotions in the audience. Besides that, catering to a licensed song in a specific campaign will encourage significant conversions. Likewise, Coca-Cola steps forward to bring into the limelight its original soundtracks.

This year, Coke Studio will release 25 new songs throughout September, with 19 various artists collaborating to become the sound of the world. For the record, Coke Studio released just one song the previous year featuring seven different artists.

However, this time, Coca-Cola aims to enhance the sphere of songs and its artists’ collaborations. The brand also intends to strengthen its digital presence by promoting music festival partnerships.

Coca-Cola’s Coke Studio To Release Original Music

Coca-Cola’s recent release, Be Who You Are, is the perfect example of various artists coming together on the original Coke Studio track. The song was written and performed by Grammy-winner Jon Batiste, with accompanying artists NewJeans, J.I.D., Camilo, and Cat Burns.

Highlighting the importance of music in marketing, Josh Burke, the Global Head of Music and Culture Marketing at Coca-Cola said, “We’re moving away — of course, there’s always room for ads — but this philosophical departure from ads is taking us towards a new experience. Music is a very rich sandbox that lets us smoothly lean into experiences in a scaled way across different markets and different geographical regions.”

Having said that, it’s clear that Coca-Cola has geared up for a new venture. Marketing figures for this campaign are still unknown, but according to Burke, the value of the exchange transcends any transaction.

As far as history records go, Coca-Cola has never hesitated to bid any amount for a successful marketing campaign. The brand spent almost $128.2 million on advertising in the first quarter of 2023, and as much as $602.4 and $645.4 million in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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