Holland & Barrett, the multinational health food chain, has introduced its new Menopause Service Campaign in the United Kingdom. The campaign promotes its free-of-charge and multilingual online service for menopause consultations.

Recognising the inequalities certain ethnicities may face with menopause support, the campaign features support and guidance in various languages, such as Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Hindu. It is part of Holland & Barrett’s ongoing initiative to make every menopause matter.

The targeted campaign towards BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) women comes as research shows that current menopause advice leans heavily towards the experiences of white women. To properly represent every woman’s experience and amplify their voice, the Menopause Service Campaign moves one step forward with inclusivity.

Lina Chan, the director of women’s health at Holland & Barrett, said, “We have long supported women’s wellness and while a lot of work has taken place to break the taboo surrounding menopause, our customers have told us there’s still much more to do to represent every woman’s experience,”

The Menopause Service Campaign offers support through a free, online personal consultation with a trained advisor. Partnering with Menopause Mandate, women can get free advice on menopause alongside a quick check-in with qualified nurses.

Before its online activation, Holland & Barrett held in-store menopause consulting services for free. Staff received training on how to recognise symptoms of menopause and provide advice, with private consultation rooms available in certain stores.

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