Bombardier has revealed a new brand identity anchored by the evolution of the company’s logo.  As the top name in business aviation, Bombardier is now solely dedicated to crafting, constructing, and maintaining the finest business jets globally. 

Bombardier New Global Brand Identity Launches Toward Ambitious Horizons

The new brand identity will emphasise and drive forward the company’s distinctive approach, prioritising customers, and stakeholders, and fostering a unique sense of community and closeness.

The company is known for its top-notch business jet lineup, expanded service network, and thriving Defence team. Throughout its history, the brand has stayed true to its innovative spirit and family values. The new brand identity celebrates the success of Bombardier’s dedicated teams, who consistently deliver high-performance jets and exceptional service worldwide.

Image Source Bombardier

Éric Martel, President and CEO of Bombardier, said, “Today is a historic moment for more than 18,000 incredibly talented and passionate Bombardier team members. Our iconic company is looking forward with confidence and an innovative spirit, two notions captured elegantly in our new logo and brand evolution.” 

He added, “Our clients worldwide are leaders who shape the world and who expect us to deliver a truly memorable experience. When asking them what sets Bombardier apart, the notion of ‘like family’ comes back time and again as a true differentiator.” 

Martel expressed, “Finally, Bombardier would not be where it is today without the best people. They are true masters of their craft, bridging some of the world’s most complex technology with a highly personal and passionate approach to aircraft interior artistry, defense modifications, 24-7 services and much more. Our new company brand honours these highest standards our people themselves have set for our industry.” 

Bombardier New Logo
Image Source Bombardier

A New Logo, Blending Innovation with Tradition

The new logo celebrates the company’s successful shift toward building, designing, servicing, and modifying the world’s best jets. 

‘The symbol itself, the Bombardier Mach, features the silhouette of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier—an ode to the ambition and innovative spirit of Bombardier’s talented people—while the strokes of wind over an aircraft reference the company’s deeply rooted heritage and the Learjet brand’s storied winglet iconography.’

Blending technology focusing on customer experience and sophistication is also evident in the custom typeface used in the new logo. The typeface is contemporary yet elegant, featuring subtle serifs that echo the symbol’s design and underscore Bombardier’s dedication to precision.

In the announcement, the company also highlights its EcoJet research project, which employs a blended-wing-body aircraft to slash carbon emissions by up to 50%.

Additionally, the company reaffirms its commitment to defence services, including the versatile Bombardier Global 6500, tailored for surveillance, reconnaissance, and multi-mission tasks.

Ultimately, Bombardier’s unveiling of its new brand identity marks a significant milestone. With a focus on innovation, customer experience, and sustainability, Bombardier continues to set new standards in the aviation industry. This rebranding reflects their commitment to excellence and ongoing efforts to shape a brighter future for aviation worldwide. 

Image Source Bombardier

About Bombardier 

Bombardier designs, builds, modifies, and maintains the world’s best-performing aircraft for the world’s most discerning people, businesses, governments, and militaries. That means exceeding standards and understanding customers well enough to anticipate their unspoken needs. 

They are committed to pioneering the future of aviation—innovating to make flying more reliable, efficient, and sustainable. They are also passionate about delivering unrivalled craftsmanship and care, giving our customers greater confidence and the elevated experience they deserve and expect because people who shape the world will always need the most productive and responsible ways to move through it. 

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