In response to different challenges, Youtube activate AI-powered Music ad solutions to get a stable connection between advertisers and Gen Z.

YouTube activate
New AI powered feature

Although AI tools came into existence in 1966, it has gained widespread popularity in recent months. It’s no surprise that all big techs and multinational brands use AI tools for productivity gains, better customer experience, and improved monitoring.

With this feature, Gen Z can listen to trending, including Coldplay and Ed Sheeran songs. Even they can access some of the most popular classic hits and listen to emerging talent music.

This new ad format is applicable to YouTube Shorts and regular YouTube videos. Using this, Advertisers can endorse their products or services before every trending Gen Z music.

Also, this innovation has been made in response to declining investment by advertisers. Due to the worldwide economic slowdown, advertisers are limiting their spending. But through the YouTube feature, advertisers can make an informed decision about their spending by considering all trending Gen Z songs.

Further, this attribute, special to Youtube, seeks assistance from AI tools to track music popular among Gen Z. This way, advertisers can make the most of it by resonating with Gen Z’s most popular choice.

For instance, if Gen Z is more interested in listening to ‘Jazz Music,’ advertisers will target that particular genre of music.

Besides, Youtube Shorts has become a popular video streaming platform. By gaining over 50 billion daily views, it’s now a new trendsetter among Gen Z.

For instance, Libianca’s ‘People‘ song has gathered a massive response due to Youtube Shorts. Users use this platform to set ‘People’ songs as backdrop music, making it one of the biggest hits.

According to statistics, more than 35.6 million people in the UK use Youtube as a main idea streaming platform. Following this, Youtube decides to leverage Gen Z music by discovering new and trending music for them.

Altogether, this AI-powered music feature will benefit artists, users, and advertisers.

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