International hotel chain St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has announced its festive House of Celebration, transpiring across its Asia Pacific branches. The celebration pays homage to the brand’s founding family, the Astors, who were popular for their lush lives and lavish parties.  

Setup like an haute couture runway, the House of Celebration explores a different theme for each season. Alongside limited-edition dining, cultural, and fashion experiences, guests are invited to be a part of the timeless festivities of the Astors. 

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts Asia Pacific’s House of Celebration

‘A Celebration of People’ welcomes spring and launches the thematic gala, with The St. Regis Jakarta featuring Monica Ivena’s newest fashion capsule collection. The thought salon experience, Bright Encounters, also made its debut appearance. 

Bright Encounters will be one of the featured events of the House of Celebration. The experience aims to dive into in-depth conversations about art, culture, lifestyle, fashion, travel, and sustainability. 

For summer, ‘A Celebration of Place’ will take place, transporting guests on a culinary adventure of tastes and traditions. Exquisite Journey Menus celebrate the fresh flavours of summer that we associate with the season alongside the finest locally-sourced ingredients and reinventions of cultural cuisines.

Moreover, summer brings with it The Art of Drinking and special cocktails. Whisking guests away to other St. Regis locations, one can indulge in New York-inspired cocktails, local flavours, and iconic St. Regis Bloody Marys.

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts House of Celebration
Image Source Marriott International

As the weather turns cooler, autumn is ‘A Celebration of Culture’ – where sophistication meets culture and diversity for an exquisite festival. Guests can partake in Packing in Style, where St. Regis Butlers and fashion professionals reveal their secret tips for packing priceless items and garments while travelling.

The masterclass will also feature Fashion Trunk Shows, allowing guests to meet and mingle with fashion designers, stylists, and more. Not forgetting, Bright Encounters will also be there, along with bespoke, limited-edition couture pieces for sale. 

With the final season upon us, ‘A Celebration of Time’ marks the beginning of winter and the end of an old year. Decked are the halls with joyous cheer and decor, and The Art of Gifting offers special gift-wrapping services perfect for the season. 

Family Traditions invite the little ones to a gift-wrapping workshop, while mum and dad kick back and relax with The Art of Sabrage, a private champagne sabering masterclass. All part of classic St. Regis traditions, these activities perfectly encapsulate the glitz and finery of the Astors.

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