American Airlines is ramping up the inflight experience for the upcoming summer travel season, introducing premium enhancements to elevate the journey. Passengers can look forward to travelling in style, courtesy of revamped amenity kits and bedding and indulging in a selection of new dishes.

Furthermore, a glimpse into the future promises an even more luxurious experience with the introduction of the cutting-edge Flagship Suite® seats.

American Airlines
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Kim Cisek, American’s Vice President of Customer Experience, expressed, “We meticulously craft every aspect of the onboard experience to ensure each customer eagerly anticipates their time in flight. Travel’s enchantment lies in fostering connections with what matters most to our customers. We’re extending this ethos to the skies through an innovative onboard program, drawing inspiration from feedback from our valued customers and dedicated team members.”

In addition, American Airlines collaborated with a diverse range of boutique and renowned brands to develop a program designed to evolve. This initiative will showcase various rotating kit designs and premium skincare products alongside the newly introduced bedding program.

An Array of Trendy New Amenities and Beyond

The fresh program will debut on over 300 international and transcontinental flights starting from Memorial Day weekend, exclusively in Flagship® First Class, Flagship® Business Class, and Premium Economy cabins.

Additionally, American Airline’s core amenity kit will be accessible year-round to passengers travelling in premium cabins. This kit will encompass essential amenities that passengers commonly anticipate during flights, including a toothbrush, dental kit, eye mask, and earplugs, alongside fresh and evolving skincare products and selections. American will regularly introduce new brands and products into these kits for passengers across all premium cabins, thereby crafting a distinctive customer experience multiple times over, informed directly by customer feedback.

Next, American Airlines partnered with beauty retailer Thirteen Lune to meticulously select the skincare offerings. These selections will showcase premium beauty brands from Thirteen Lune’s curated collection, which includes a diverse range of founders and voices, such as Joanna Vargas and Relevant.

Exclusive Kit Collections

Alongside the rotating products in the kits, passengers will relish exclusive speciality kits crafted through collaborations with a variety of designers and brands, predominantly from the U.S. These speciality kits, featuring unique designs, will commemorate specific milestones and initiatives that resonate with the values and backgrounds of American Airlines’ customers and team members. Anticipate the debut of these limited-edition kits in the months and years to come.

American Airlines
New amenity kits by American Airlines Image Source American Airlines

Indeed, the brand-new amenity program will kick off with a speciality kit from Thirteen Lune, introducing the new line of kits and offering customers the chance to begin collecting these limited-edition items. Passengers traveling in premium cabins will be provided with the Thirteen Lune kit during the program’s initial weeks of launch. Subsequently, customers can anticipate receiving the primary amenity kit onboard for the remainder of the summer.

Furthermore, every speciality kit will be accessible for a restricted duration on qualifying flights within Flagship® First Class, Flagship® Business Class, and Premium Economy. Travellers will have the opportunity to discover information about each brand and partner showcased in the speciality kit by scanning a QR code provided within the kit.

Enhanced Bedding Tailored to Customer Input

Apart from that, Passengers will experience heightened comfort during their travels with new bedding, pillows, and sleepwear designed to meet their expectations for a rejuvenating onboard experience. Through American Airlines’ research, travellers preferred dual-sided pillows with different materials on each side. In response to this feedback, passengers flying in Flagship® First Class or Flagship® Business Class will be provided with dual-sided pillows featuring cool-touch fabric on one side and traditional fabric on the other.

Next, Passengers in Flagship® First Class on international flights will retain the privilege of receiving a set of pyjamas, reflecting feedback that 80% of first-class customers highly appreciate having pyjamas available onboard. Furthermore, passengers in Flagship® Business Class on all international flights will now benefit from including slippers onboard, expanding from their previous availability solely on ultra-long-haul flights.

Not only that, travellers across all cabins, including Premium Economy and Main Cabin, will delight in upgraded bedding featuring cabin-specific selections like lumbar pillows, throw blankets, premium duvets, and fleece blankets. These offerings have been carefully curated from leading premium brands renowned in their respective fields.

American Airlines partnered with the inflight textile company John Horsfall to create bedding crafted from recycled materials from their Re-Thread® collection.

Most pillows, duvets, and blankets designed for American flights were crafted using recycled fibres, ensuring a premium feel, while filled bedding incorporates 100% recycled fill. To minimise single-use plastic waste associated with the distribution of pillows and blankets, passengers in Flagship® First, Flagship® Business, and Premium Economy will now receive their bedding in reusable zipper product bags also constructed from recycled fibres. Utilising these bags will result in a reduction of 25 tons of plastic waste annually.

American Airline New Suite Experience

In addition to the exciting new inflight amenities, bedding, and dining options available onboard this summer, passengers can anticipate an elevated experience on future Boeing 787-9, 777-300, and Airbus A321XLR aircraft. These aircraft will boast a new interior design featuring the Flagship® Suite seat and refreshed seats and amenities throughout Premium Economy and Main Cabin classes.

Passengers travelling in the Flagship Suite® seat will enjoy a haven of comfort and convenience, with wireless charging, Bluetooth capability, and multiple storage compartments. In addition to standard amenities like lie-flat seats and direct aisle access, American has enhanced the experience by introducing privacy doors and the option to recline in a chaise lounge position, offering a personalised and luxurious experience in the skies.

Passengers seeking the epitome of luxury will have the opportunity to elevate their experience with an exclusive front-row offering on new Boeing 787-9 and retrofitted 777-300 aircraft through the Flagship Suite® Preferred seat. This seat provides passengers with generous space, multiple storage compartments, and exclusive amenities, including a Nest Bedding® mattress pad, a cosy throw blanket, a memory foam lumbar pillow, Nest Bedding® pyjamas, and an exclusive amenity kit featuring additional skincare products from Thirteen Lune by Joanna Vargas and Relevant.

AAdvantage enhances the travel experience.

AAdvantage® members can utilise their miles to access upgraded premium experiences, encompassing new inflight amenities, sleepwear, bedding, and dining options.

The program acknowledges members’ loyalty to Americans and offers them rewards and benefits. Just in time for summer, members travelling on tickets purchased with miles can now access upgrade offers to elevate to a higher cabin via website or the mobile app when travelling within the contiguous U.S.

*Re-Thread® products are crafted from certified materials.

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