Gigi Hadid Seen Cooking Pasta With Pals in New Coca Cola Ad

Gigi Hadid pasa
Image Source: Coca Cola

“What? Gigi Hadid is cooking pasta?” For sure, this would be your reaction when you first saw a new Coca-Cola Ad featuring Gigi Hadid pasta recipe.

This mom to an adorable little dove and a supermodel reveals her delicious pasta recipe. Coca-cola has introduced a new cooking campaign, ‘A recipe for magic’ starring Gigi Hadid.

This soft drink ad revolves around friends and family and clearly reflects, “those who cook together, stay together.” The ad opens when Gigi Hadid welcomes a bunch of friends to her place, including food blogger and chef Sophia Roe.

Gigi Hadid pasta
Image Source Coca Cola
Gigi Hadid pasta
Image Source Coca Cola

The creative director introduces the famous Gigi Hadid pasta recipe with sauce and toppings. Along with this, the ad discloses that cooking can be fun if you’ve loved ones around you.

Also, one can hear Gigi’s enchanting voice saying, “making new traditions,” “sharing old stories,” and an “ice cold Coca-Cola” was her “recipe for magic.”

In a nutshell, this Coca-Cola advert demonstrates the human connection with food, especially with Coca-Cola. Also, the ad shows Gigi, her friends, and a Coke bottle.

“Launching ‘A recipe for magic,’ we hope will inspire people to come together around a meal. Said Coca-Cola company’s global brand marketing lead Elif Kaypak, “and we’ve designed the campaign around what we believe to be the three easy, essential ingredients that help make the experience truly magical: the moment, the meal, and Coca-Cola.”

Are you ready to follow the famous “Gigi Hadid Pasta recipe?” Dive into the new Coca-Cola Ad to find out the secret ingredients.