From Hollywood icons to Bollywood divas, more and more celebrities have ventured into side gigs outside their careers. Over the past two years, these famous figures have made a debut in the cosmetics and skincare industry, adding their personal touches to celebrity beauty brands.

There was once a time when people got super excited upon seeing their favourite celebrity beauty brands. But now, these celebrity brands are everywhere – literally. And this begs the question, “Are they worth purchasing?”

Get to know some of the latest and most popular celebrity beauty brands here. Whether you’re looking for a product to enhance your skin’s natural glow, reduce fine lines, or improve skin compatibility, there’s something for everyone and every shade.

*Note: The following brands are arranged in a random order.

1. Kylie Cosmetics

Only in her twenties, Kylie Jenner is the face behind billion-dollar Kylie Cosmetics. Being one of the most successful makeup and skincare brands worldwide, the company reached a net worth of $1 billion in 2020. 

From revolutionary lipsticks to the Kylie skincare range, the products are favourites among fans and celebrities. Fans have even taken its hype to the extent of selling out items in just two hours.

Popular Kylie Cosmetics products: The Kylie Lip Gloss, Eyeshadow Palette, Cosmetic Blush, Valentine’s Collection Lip Gloss Set, Concealer, Matte and Velvet Lip Kit, and Kylie Skin Glow Powder Cleanser and Mask.

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Image Source Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

2. Rare Beauty

Our ‘Calm Down’ girl and most-followed female celebrity on Instagram, Selena Gomez is the founder of Rare Beauty. The business began in February 2019 to break down unrealistic beauty standards. Since then, it has lived up to expectations and reached a net worth of $1.2 billion.

Currently, the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush has taken the internet by storm. Fans, influencers, and even celebrities are spellbound by its quality, compatibility, and texture.

Popular Rare Beauty products: 48 shades of weightless foundation, 10 soft matte lipstick shades, 13 liquid blushes, and 7 shades of soft pinch-tinted lip oil.

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Image Source Rare Beauty

3. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a promise by Rihanna to launch essentials “so that people everywhere would be included.” Being one of the wealthiest celebrity beauty brands, the company sits at an overall net worth of $2.8 billion, with Rihanna owning 50% of the brand’s shares. Essentially, the brand offers products for all skin types and tones.

In 2014, the brand registered its trademark in the world of beauty. Before dropping its beauty line, Rihanna and her team spent two years creating the right formula compatible with all skin types and colours.

Popular Fenty Beauty products: 40+ shades of foundation, Gloss Bomb Lip Plumper, Pro Filt’s Foundation, Contour Stick, Blurring Skin Tint, and Killawatt Highlighter.

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Image Source Fenty Beauty

4. Anomaly

If you didn’t already know, Anomaly by Priyanka Chopra is the second biggest celebrity beauty brand worldwide after Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. 

Launching in February 2021, the brand promises haircare products that are gender-neutral and eco-friendly. Furthermore, the company maintains sustainable practices using 100% recycled plastic packaging. 

Popular Anomaly products: Anomaly Dry Shampoo and Bonding Treatment Mask.

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Image Source Anomaly Haircare

5. Keys Soulcare

Founded by global superstar Alicia Keys, the brand sits on a worthy shelf for several reasons. Firstly, the brand’s cruelty-free products are created by expert dermatologists. 

The wide range of products is not only luxurious but highly effective. This ties back to the significance of its name – concentrating beyond external beauty and on the mind, spirit, and body.

Popular Keys Soulcare products: Golden Cleanser, Luminous Exfoliator, and Transformation Cream.

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Image Source Keys SoulCare

6. JLO Beauty

Crafted by internationally renowned entertainer Jennifer Lopez, the brand debuted in 2001 on a global scale. 

Concentrating on a glow-boosting skincare line, Lopez highlights her family’s tradition to integrate Olive Oil into their skincare routine. Hence, the hero ingredient in JLO Beauty is this vital ingredient. 

Popular JLO Beauty product: That Blockbuster Cream, which carries a blend of moisturising properties using olive oil.

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Image Source JLO Beauty

7. Huda Beauty

Dubai-based beauty blogger Huda Kattan has spearheaded the beauty empire since 2013. Starting with a beauty blog, the brand has become a place where people can feel beautiful and confident. 

The brand embraces maximalism and guides people to use various products to boost their natural features. Alongside that, Huda Beauty endorses natural ingredients in its products. Thus, her passion and people’s trust have turned her effort into a billion-dollar business.

Popular Huda Beauty products: Liquid lipsticks, lip contour pencils, richly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, various complexion products, and a skincare range. Huda Beauty’s Samantha Lashes #7 is also the best-selling and most-reviewed fake eyelash product of all time.

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Image Source Huda Beauty

8. Rhode

Crafted by Hailey Bieber, the brand has become a highly-anticipated skincare line. Instead of launching a wide array of products in a saturated beauty market, Bieber stuck to a curated line. 

Rhode focuses on providing products that fit well in anyone’s skincare routine. Some of its properties include strengthening the skin barrier, plumping complexion, shrinking pores, imparting radiance, and boosting skin hydration levels. 

Popular Rhode products: Peptide Lip Treatment, Peptide Glazing Fluid, and Barrier Restore Cream.

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Image Source Rhode

9. 82°E

Created by Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone, the brand integrates a unique combination of science and Ayurveda. By having a uniquely Indian touch, 82°E brings a realistic touch to its products. 

Moreover, the brand claims to be a PETA-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line. Not only does it deliver in terms of affordability and efficacy, but also its promise to consumers. 

Popular 82°E products: Patchouli Glow, Bakuchiol Slip, and Lotus Splash Cleanser.

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Image Source 82E

10. Kay Beauty

After pursuing a successful career in Bollywood, Indian movie star Katrina Kaif headed towards a new business venture. Established in 2013, Kay Beauty is a collaboration between Katrina Kaif and India’s largest beauty and personal care platform, Nykaa. 

As a bridge between high glamour and skincare, the brand promises to offer solutions for all age groups, skin textures, and tones. With an intricate makeup line, Kay Beauty has become a one-stop place for every Indian who finds trouble with Western makeup products due to atmospheric conditions. 

Popular Kay Beauty product: Lip Crayon.

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Image Source Kay Beauty

11. r.e.m Beauty

Known for her signature cat-eye, Ariana Grande began the beauty brand with its first chapter, Ultraviolet, in November 2021. Initially, r.e.m Beauty focused solely on the eyes, as for Ariana, “The eyes are the windows to your soul.” 

The brand currently stands at a net worth of $220 million and has gone on to expand its product offerings. Some of them include a powerhouse liquid liner that glides like butter, electrifying eyeshadows, smooth velvety lipsticks with ultra-fluffy formula, and a nice lash lift with voluminous mascara.

Popular r.e.m Beauty products: Matte Lipstick, Highlighter Popper, Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow, and plumping Lip Gloss. 

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Image Source rem Beauty

12. Florence by Mills

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown’s product range is jam-packed with makeup and skincare. Developed in 2019 with a handful of products, it has grown into a sustainable makeup and skincare brand. Plus, the brand practised two consecutive years of testing before its public launch.

Furthermore, the products are free of sulfates and parabens and contain essential ingredients like antioxidants. Made for the younger generation, the products are uniquely named and are sure to delight a mass audience of skincare lovers.

Popular Florence by Mills products: Clear The Way Clarifying Mud Mask, Be A VIP Velvet Liquid Lipstick, Eye Candy Eyeshadow Sticks, Get That Grime Face Scrub, and Plump To It! Hydrating Facial Moisturiser.

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Image Source Florence by Mills

13. Haus Laboratories

Want to step out with a bold look like Lady Gaga? Well, look no further than Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories. Here, you’ll find top-notch beauty products to give you a cutting-edge makeup look. 

Lady Gaga is not just the name and face of the brand but is an active participant in major decisions regarding the makeup range. When it comes to makeup, Haus Laboratories has the right pigments and easy-to-glide applicators. 

Popular Haus Laboratories products: Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation, Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter, and Atomic Shake Lip Lacquer.

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Image Source Haus Labs

14. SKKN

SKNN by Kim Kardashian is an updated version of her KKW series. With a promise of a sustainable and modern brand experience, the Kardashian has once again pounced into the skincare industry.

Starting with minimalist and refillable packaging, the brand kicks off its journey with nine pieces. When used together, the products nourish, smooth, and hydrate the skin for a long-lasting glow.

Popular SKKN products: Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Vitamin C8 Serum, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Face Cream, Eye Cream, Oil Drops, and Night Oil.

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Image Source SKKN

15. Goop

With clean beauty products, customers can enjoy a next-level treatment, assuring healthy, glowing, and radiant skin. Be it fluttery lashes or an effortless luminous flush, Goop is the perfect place to restore your beauty and inner health. 

Popular Goop products: GOOPGLOW Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk, Tower 28 Mascara, Crown Affair The Renewal Mask, and GOOPGENES Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio.

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Image Source Goop

Celebrity Beauty Brands: Are They For Everyone?

As we enter the torrent of celebrity beauty brands, it’s not easy to choose the best of the best. These millennial and Gen Z creators have built their loyal fanbase for purpose-driven brands, motivated by solid beliefs and values.

Similarly, labelling a brand with a celebrity and attaching it to them doesn’t add feathers to its hat, as consumers don’t want to spend on brands that fail to deliver. Therefore, instead of following the trends, it’s wise to research celebrity-crafted products to help determine if they are worth your hard-earned money and suitable.

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