M&S Launches ‘Value You Can Trust’ Campaign


High street retailer M&S has launched a new campaign this month named ‘Value You Can Trust.’ The campaign aims to remind consumers of it’s commitment to providing value.

The ‘Value You Can Trust’ campaign will run across multiple channels highlighting the brand’s home and clothing products and promoting its value. Items such as pyjamas for £15 and hoodies for £17.50 are mentioned in the press release put out by the company.

By advertising the campaign across stores, its website and social channels, the brand hopes to remind consumers of its commitment to “trusted value”.

The MD for clothing and home, Richard Price commented: “Now more than ever, customers want to make every penny count and when it comes to clothing and homeware, making every penny count is more than just the product’s price – they also want confidence that it is made well and made to last and offers great versatility. Value You Can Trust is about showcasing what we’ve always done best – it’s an honest campaign that puts value, and our values as a retailer, front and centre, at a time when it really matters to our customers.”

Olivia Pearce
Olivia Pearce
Branding Editor. Passionate about all things branding, I like to find out the stories behind a brand. If I do have any spare time, I enjoy watching documentaries.

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