Bella Hadid has been the face of campaigns and gracing runways since the age of 16. Throughout her career, she spent countless hours in makeup chairs and experienced the most sought-after skincare treatments as a supermodel. Nevertheless, for her initial foray into creating a beauty brand, she has opted to delve into the fragrance industry.


Model Bella Hadid has debuted a fragrance collection in collaboration with Celebrands. Entitled “Skin Perfume,” the collection comprises three scents and will be available exclusively at Ulta Beauty starting May 2nd.

Pronounced as ‘aura-bella’, ‘Ôrəbella derives from Hadid’s Arabic family name, which translates to “iron ore” a naturally occurring substance for extracting valuable minerals. Paired with the word ‘aura’, it symbolises the unique atmosphere surrounding every individual.

Bella Hadid new fragrance line, Ôrəbella
Image Source Ôrəbella

Launching with three distinct fragrances, ‘Ôrəbella’s initial parfum offering comprises Window2Soul, an infusion of rose and jasmine, with woody tonka-bean undertones prevailing; Salted Muse, a fusion of sea salt and pink pepper, accentuated by earthy amber notes that evolve from an initial earthy scent to a warm, woody aroma upon settling; and Blooming Fire, a harmonious blend of patchouli and bergamot evoking memories of a tropical beach getaway.

The fragrance packaging design presents a modern interpretation inspired by the model’s mother’s vintage perfume collection. Each geode-shaped bottle draws inspiration from the raw earth, reflecting a harmonious blend of modernity and natural elegance.

The collection offers 10ml priced at $35, 50ml at $72, and 100ml at $100 across the three debut scents. Additionally, a Ôrəbella multifaceted gold perfume stand designed for the 100ml is available for $35.

All ‘Ôrəbella products are meticulously crafted to be alcohol-free, undergo dermatologist testing, and are tailored to suit sensitive skin. They are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, or wheat-derived ingredients. Additionally, the brand proudly holds certifications from Leaping Bunny for cruelty-free practices and from PETA for being both vegan and cruelty-free.

Bella Hadid new fragrance line, Ôrəbella
Image Source Elizaveta Porodina

Furthermore, the fragrance line aligns with all five pillars of Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty, encompassing clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, vegan and cruelty-free formulations, and a commitment to giving back. Moreover, it complies with all European Union regulations, which prohibit over 1,300 ingredients, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality.

The ‘Ôrəbella fragrance brand is a part of the Celebrands portfolio, including Hadid’s line of non-alcoholic beverages, Kin Euphorics.

The Palestinian Dutch model has been transparent about her health and wellness journey since being diagnosed with Lyme disease over a decade ago. Her wellness routine, though on the pricey side, encompasses a range of practices, from taking various supplements to incorporating sea moss and green juice into her regimen.

Another grounding aspect of her routine is using essential oils, a practice she attributes to her time spent on her family farm. In an interview with WWD, she explained, “My way into fragrance was being on my farm with our lavender plants, and we have a cute health-food store down the street from my house there. They have the craziest variety of essential oils, and I’m obsessed with putting things together that you wouldn’t normally smell” she added.

The trio of fragrances will debut on the website on May 2nd, followed by a release on on May 10th, and will be available in all Ulta stores starting May 12th.

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