One of the world’s favourite fast-food brands, McDonald’s has launched a new campaign to celebrate the unspoken, ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ moment.

The campaign is centred around a re-working of the McDonald’s logo, using a very basic graphic of an ‘eyebrow raise’ to get their message across. With just this one, simple, knowing look, the ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ message is shared.

The ad is directed by Edgar Wright, famous for Spaced and the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy which started with Shaun of the Dead. The film named ‘Raise Your Arches’ shows a group of office workers sharing an eyebrow raise as they all head out of the office to grab a McDonald’s. All set to the classic 80s ‘Oh Yeah‘ track by Yello, ending with the words ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ across the screen.


Michelle Graham-Clare, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s UK & Ireland, commented: “In a challenging time, our Raise Your Arches invitation to McDonald’s provides the nation with a small but much-needed moment to let go and feel good. We hope the campaign raises arches and smiles across the country and I can’t wait to see everyone get involved.”

Director, Edgar Wright, said: “As soon as I read the script I was like, “Oh, I love this song, I love this premise. This will be a lot of fun.”

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