Freely, the new free TV service from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, has launched its first integrated campaign. Created and developed by TMW, the ‘Set Yourself Freely’ campaign introduces consumers to a new way of experiencing free TV.

For the first time, Freely will enable UK audiences to stream live TV channels and on-demand content for free by eliminating the need for a dish or aerial, Freely is set to futureproof free TV for the streaming era.

TMW was directly appointed to the account through chemistry. The integrated creative agency crafted the strategic proposition and brand platform, launching the initial campaign with three TV, out-of-home, and social media ads.

The creative highlights Freely’s unique benefit, which enables people to watch live television using only Wi-Fi. The main 30-second spot showcases various scenarios of people enjoying significant TV moments on large screens in surprising Wi-Fi-enabled locations.

Additionally, a couple is curled up watching Doctor Who (BBC) in the back of a black cab, a man gets a bit too into The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4) in a restaurant, and a woman becomes engrossed by Michael Palin in Nigeria (Channel 5) while in the aisles of a supermarket.

These scenes serve as cautionary tales, reminding us that “just because you can watch Freely TV anywhere there is Wi-Fi, does not mean you should.” The ad concludes with a family enjoying TV the proper way: sitting together on the sofa, watching The 1% Club (ITV).

The brand TV ad was directed by BARBARA, the comedy director duo from Merman. TMW and its in-house production team, Move Studio, handled the creative and production aspects.

Not only that, Hearts & Science formulated an extensive media strategy to establish awareness among key audiences during the launch phase and sustain growth throughout 2024. The strategy encompasses both traditional and digital media channels, including linear TV and BVOD, PPC, and paid social across Meta and TikTok platforms.

Highlighted activities include TV spots on Channel 4 and ITV, notably during the Britain’s Got Talent (ITV) final. Dynamic ad placements on All4 and takeovers on ITVX and All4 were also executed as notable strategy components.

To enhance the creative campaign, Freely is embarking on a branded taxi tour across London (Monday, May 20th), Birmingham (Tuesday, May 21st), and Manchester (Wednesday, May 22nd). Individuals are invited to seek out the taxi for an opportunity to win a brand-new Freely Hisense TV.

Furthermore, they can either hail the cab and enjoy the new TV advert with complimentary snacks and drinks or, if the taxi is occupied or in transit, they can scan the QR code displayed on the vehicle’s side.

Freely - free TV
Image Source Freely

Amy Rowcliffe, Director of Marketing at Everyone TV, expressed, “Freely is positioned to futureproof free TV for the streaming era, seamlessly blending live and on-demand TV into one platform. TMW has truly excelled with this campaign. Leveraging our cheeky brand persona, they have showcased imaginative (and extraordinary) settings where people can now enjoy TV while emphasising the unparalleled experience of settling in for a night of great TV. We are thrilled to introduce a fresh, contemporary brand to the market for everyone to relish, and we eagerly anticipate sharing the ad nationwide.”

Graeme Noble, Chief Creative Officer at TMW, remarked, “With Freely, you can truly immerse yourself in ‘full TV mode’ – deeply engaged in your favourite shows, clad in your comfiest slippers, accompanied by a cuppa and snacks – all possible wherever there is Wi-Fi. We brought this concept to life by portraying individuals with large TVs in unexpected Wi-Fi-enabled locations, enjoying their TV moments to the surprise of those around them. By showcasing how people liberate themselves from TV bills, boxes, and other hassles, we inform the UK audience that there is a fresh and thrilling approach to experiencing free TV.”

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