BBC Creative called on fans to submit their fan art of the cult TV show, Peaky Blinders, ahead of the next season.

More than a 1,000 pieces were submitted, with 16 being selected to feature in the marketing campaign of the fifth season. Each of the chosen artists will receive £1,000 for their work, which can be seen here

The chosen artworks will be used in the marketing drive starting next Monday, 12 August on social media and digital platforms with the hashtag #Peakysfanart.

Emma Brooke from BBC Creative commented, “A show only reaches cult status because of its fans, and the passion of the Peaky Blinders fans is absolutely unrivalled. We knew this was true when we discovered the thousands of pieces of art that were being created by them around the globe. This is all about celebrating and giving recognition to the Peaky Blinder’s fans, and putting their incredible art out into the world.”

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