E-commerce marketplace eBay has unveiled a new ‘click-to-resell’ feature that will make it easier for sellers to sell their used clothing. 

Fashion United reported that Charis Marquez, eBay’s Global General Manager of fashion, emphasised the company’s commitment to supporting brands and consumers in e-commerce. 

She stated, “eBay is focused on delivering solutions to brands while curating an elevated marketplace for buyers and sellers. Reducing friction and removing barriers to brands and consumers engaging in recommerce is crucial to fostering a pre-loved fashion marketplace. Our new resell feature helps brands keep their product out of landfill, while giving consumers an incredibly easy way to give their item a second life.”

eBay recommerce
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eBay Integrates with Certilogo’s Smart Labels

Certilogo CEO Michele Casucci said, “This new ‘resell on eBay’ feature was a natural next step for Certilogo’s innovation and product evolution. With 540 million products already connected by our secure digital IDs, our mission is to empower brands by helping them create an experience that blends the physical with the digital world. Being able to securely resell your products with ease only makes the circular shopping experience more accessible for everyone.”

Ebay resell feature with Certilogo technology. Image Source: Ebay / Certilogo
eBay resell feature with Certilogo technology Image Source eBay Certilogo

Seamless Reselling with Certilogo

The new resell feature will be integrated into Certilogo’s Secure by Design digital ID, which can be accessed by scanning a product’s smart label. 

This system provides a straightforward and efficient process. When a user scans the QR code on the product’s smart label, a ‘resell on eBay’ button appears within the digital brand experience.

Once a user clicks on the button, they will be directed to check the item’s authenticity by signing in with their eBay account through Certilogo’s AI-based authentication system. 

When the authentication process is complete, an eBay listing will be pre-filled with information about the item from the brand.

eBay’s acquisition of Certilogo in July 2023 strengthens its pre-owned authentication process. Certilogo utilises secure-by-design digital authentication technology, incorporating AI-powered digital IDs printed on product tags for enhanced security.

Save The Duck

eBay Recommerce
Image Source Save The Duck

In May 2024, the Italian clothing brand Save The Duck was the first to implement this feature in its connected garments.

Nicolas Bargi, Chief Executive and Founder at Save The Duck said, “Finding solutions that help our customers make more circular choices and keep our product out of landfills is of the utmost importance to us.

He added, “To be the first brand to use this new eBay and Certilogo technology reinforces our commitment to ensuring maximum transparency to our community.”

Recommerce on the Rise: Redefining Retail Sustainability in 2024

Recommerce, the resale of pre-owned or ‘pre-loved’ goods, is no longer a niche market. In 2024, it’s a booming trend redefining sustainability in retail.  Several factors are fuelling this growth:

  1. Sustainability Focus 

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of fast fashion and overconsumption. Recommerce offers a more sustainable option, extending the life cycle of products and reducing waste.

  1. Economic Appeal

Recommerce allows access to high-quality and even luxury items at significantly discounted prices. This value proposition is particularly attractive during inflation.

  1. Unique Finds

E-commerce platforms offer a treasure trove of unique and vintage items, appealing to consumers seeking to differentiate themselves.

  1. Technological Advancements

Platforms are leveraging AI-powered tools to improve product descriptions through image recognition. Additionally, immersive 3D visuals enhance the online shopping experience and boost buyer confidence. Plus, many e-commerce platforms, such as TikTok and eBay, embrace recommerce by offering trade-in programs or dedicated pre-owned sections on their websites.

The Future of Recommerce

The fashion industry is a prime example of this trend.  In 2023, the global market value of secondhand and resale apparel was estimated to be worth 197 billion US dollars. This value is projected to rise rapidly in the coming years, roughly 100 billion dollars by 2026. 

Furthermore, recommerce presents a win-win situation for both consumers and retailers. Consumers gain access to affordable, sustainable, and unique items, while retailers benefit from increased customer engagement and a more environmentally responsible image.

Overall, these advancements position eBay as a frontrunner in simplifying the online marketplace for sellers and buyers. Ebay fosters trust and efficiency within its platform by streamlining listing and offering robust authentication measures.

As recommerce continues to gain momentum in 2024, we can expect further innovation in technology, logistics, and business models, solidifying its position as a mainstream force in retail.

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