A new corporate chapter of Know You Can: why should the future be a risk?

Our world is confronted with new interconnected and often unpredictable risks creating an uncertain future for everyone. As new vulnerabilities emerge, the need for protection becomes even more urgent.

Now is the time for AXA to infuse its iconic brand signature with an even greater sense of inclusion and ability to reinforce our collective destiny, to further express a shared optimism in the future, the belief that progress can and must benefit all.

AXA asks a simple question: Why should the future be a risk? This is the foundation of AXA new corporate chapter of Know You Can that will carry AXA forward for the next 3 years of its strategic plan 2024-26.

Each year, a public facing agenda will bring to life “Why should the future be a risk?”. Its first instalment starts with a critical topic: Being a woman shouldn’t be a risk.

AXA Global Brand Campaign

A comprehensive campaign: being a woman shouldn’t be a risk

Being a woman shouldn’t be a risk shines a critical light on those who are under-protected and overexposed to risk. Women, representing 50% of the world’s population, are facing multiple risks from health to business, from sports to education.

By talking about them, AXA is committed to fighting exclusion to ensure progress for all. In full alignment with AXA’s brand purpose – act for human progress by protecting what matters – the new campaign brings to life clear commitments of the company’s core belief.

The campaign unfolds around an emotional film (60’ + 30’) shot by Madeline Clayton. It depicts familiar situations of women exposed to risks, from birth to adulthood. The film does not position women as victims nor as super women. It sets the record straight and forces us to think differently. It has an optimistic vision on progress and believes in our ability to strive for something better.

A print campaign shot by Peter Funch highlighting key striking statistics (only 33% of business owners are women…) reinforces the point and invites people to discover global and local proof points of concrete AXA solutions.

AXA Global Brand Campaign

Tangible demonstration of AXA’s purpose

AXA isn’t starting from scratch. Over the past couple of years, AXA has deployed globally and at country level significant initiatives that cater to the need of women, aiming at closing the gap in their management of risks. This is what this global campaign is fueled by: real actions operated internally at AXA or in partnership with industry peers, with NGOs and the public sector to support women.

Ulrike Decoene, AXA Group Head of Communication, Brand and Corporate Responsibility:
“Women face different risks throughout their lives… It’s up to us to tailor our offers in a way that enhances and increases their impact and reach”.


About AXA:
The AXA Group is a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, with 150,000 employees serving 108 million clients in 51 countries.

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