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Jeremy Pee Joins Matalan as Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director
Image Source: Matalan

Matalan, the renowned omnichannel retailer specializing in affordable fashion and homeware, has recently appointed Jeremy Pee as their new Non-Executive director. Its aim is to propel the company toward profitable, sustainable growth.

Pee joins Matalan after serving as the Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Marks and Spencer. At that luxury brand, he led a comprehensive digital transformation initiative during his five-year tenure. 

Prior to this, he contributed significantly to Loblaw Digital. Further, he established the online division of Canada’s largest retailer. To promote this, he managed the profit and loss responsibilities for Staples’ largest retail category. Pee also served as a Non-Executive Director of the HM Land Registry.

Bringing over two decades of robust retail experience, Pee has demonstrated expertise in driving digital strategies for businesses. His appointment aligns with Matalan’s customer service goal to leverage omnichannel opportunities and foster sustainable growth.

Karl-Heinz Holland, Chair of Matalan Online, expressed enthusiasm about Pee’s appointment. He highlighted his extensive retail background and unparalleled proficiency in digital and technological transformations. “We are delighted to welcome Jeremy to the board,” said Holland. 

This way, Karl emphasizes Pee’s potential to significantly contribute to refining and executing Matalan’s omnichannel strategy, ultimately enhancing family services.

In response, Jeremy Pee conveyed his excitement about joining Matalan as a Non-Executive director. He acknowledged the brand’s enduring presence in British retail and its potential for substantial growth. “Matalan is a stalwart of British retailing,” Pee remarked. 

Additionally, he underscored his commitment to collaborating with the board and executive team to fully unlock digital and omnichannel retailing potential. Consequently, it fortifies Matalan’s position in the market.

High Expectations With New Recruit, Jeremy Pee as Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director
Image Source: Sky News

One would be concerned and building a relationship with the company’s prosperity and Jeremy Pee’s induction. But the associated optimism states that Pee’s appointment in this recent role can, for sure, upscale the growing trajectory of this business.

In recent financial reports, Matalan unveiled a 0.8% increase in revenue for the second quarter, evidencing its upward trajectory. Notably, revenue surged to £288.6 million for the 13 weeks ending August 26, a slight uptick from £286.4 million in the corresponding period in 2022.

Hence, Pee’s appointment arrives at a pivotal moment for Matalan Sale as it focuses on building a more robust and contemporary business model. His expertise and leadership are poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the company’s digital aspirations. Undoubtedly, he will drive sustained growth in the competitive retail landscape.

Top Exhibits Not to Miss at Art Jakarta 2023

Art Jakarta 2023
Image Source: Abdul Azis/Getty Images

Art Jakarta 2023, the renowned Indonesian art fair, is set to unveil its latest edition at a new expensive venue, the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), from November 17 to 19. 

This move to a larger space, covering 10,000 square meters across two halls, marks a significant footstep for the fair. Further, it provides ample room for larger installations and increased collaborative endeavors, as highlighted by Fair Director Tom Tandio.

With a notable rise in participation, this Art Jakarta 2023 fair boasts 68 exhibitors, up from 62 last year. Moreover, it aims to showcase a diverse array of artwork. Notably, 40 Indonesian galleries are among the exhibitors, signaling a robust local presence. 

Art Jakarta 2023: A Must Go Place

Surprisingly, the shift to JIEXPO from the previous venue at the Art Jakarta 2023 Convention Centre offers 9,100 square meters of expanded opportunities. This way, it will engage with installation pieces and foster more collaborations within the artistic community.

Among the international participants, ShanghART will feature oil paintings by Sun Xun. Additionally, it will offer a glimpse into his ongoing feature-length animation project, ‘Magic of Atlas.’ 

Art Jakarta 2023
Image Source: The Artist & ShanghArt

In addition, Whitestone Gallery’s showcase will include works by renowned artists such as Takashi Murakami, Philip Colbert, and Florentijn Hofman, adding an international flavor to the event.

Among the standout installations at this year’s fair is Syagini Ratna Wulan’s ‘Memory Mirror Palace (2023), presented at the 2019 Venice Biennale. This captivating installation weaves together objects displayed in glass cabinets adorned with text. 

Besides, it invites viewers on a contemplative journey through connections between the objects and their accompanying narratives.

Further enhancing the fair’s diversity of artistic expressions are other notable presentations. Park Jihyun’s ‘Thomson 6.1944 S 106.8229 (2023)’ repurposes discarded materials into a thought-provoking artwork. Jeffi Manzani’s ‘NOC/Turne (2023)’ merges data-driven digital visuals with telecommunications waste in a mixed-media room installation.

Art Jakarta 2023
The Taiwanese art gallery, Yiri Arts, showcases dynamic artwork.
Image Source: Yiri Arts

Art Jakarta‘s shift to the sprawling JIEXPO and these compelling installations and artworks solidify its position as a pivotal platform.

Basically, it’s for both local and international artists, fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation within the contemporary art landscape. As a result, this year’s edition promises an engaging and diverse experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Balenciaga Unveils Controversial Towel Skirt for $925

towel skirt
Image Source: Balenciaga

Balenciaga, a brand synonymous with pushing fashion boundaries, has once again stirred controversy with the unveiling of its latest creation, the towel skirt. This innovative yet polarizing piece debuted as part of its Spring 2024 collection, causing a frenzy across social media platforms.

Priced at a staggering $925, the unisex terry cotton towel skirt has gathered mixed reactions from fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The knee-length skirt, designed to fit at the mid-waist, boasts two buttons and an adjustable belt with a buckle. Further, it elevates the ordinary towel into a high-fashion statement.

Despite the amusement it sparked, many critics and social media users expressed disbelief at the price point set by the luxury fashion house. Some took to platforms like TikTok and Instagram to share their thoughts. One commentator suggested, “I’m convinced that Balenciaga is a social experiment,” while another likened the fashion world to “living in the Zoolander world.”

This bold Balenciaga skirt release for pre-order further fueled debates on its practicality and value. Alongside its hefty price tag, the skirt’s requirement for dry cleaning added another layer to the ongoing discussions.

towel skirt
Image Source: Balenciaga

The towel skirt marks another addition to Balenciaga’s history of unconventional products. Basically, it is to join the ranks of previous eyebrow-raising releases like the $1,800 Balenciaga bag and shoelace earrings. 

Despite past controversies, the brand continues to challenge traditional fashion norms, drawing both admiration and skepticism from industry insiders and consumers alike.

Amidst the reactions, fashion commentators such as Diet Prada took to Instagram to express surprise at Balenciaga’s return. It aimed to create attention-grabbing pieces, commenting, “But I thought Balenciaga was over making viral clickbaity fashion after their scandal, lol.”

With widespread skepticism and amusement, the luxury brand remains undeterred. Surprisingly, it offers enthusiasts the chance to pre-order this innovative garment. Interested buyers can access the pre-order option on Balenciaga’s official website.

The towel skirt’s release signifies Balenciaga’s unwavering commitment to challenging conventional fashion norms and continues to spark conversations. Moreover, it blurs the lines between art, luxury, and everyday wear.

New Details About Female Protagonist in Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI
Image Source: Rockstar Games

A recent surge of online speculation surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI has ignited fervent anticipation among gaming enthusiasts. With upcoming surprises, this franchise claims about the emerging game‘s potential storyline. 

Central to the buzz is a rumor suggesting that the forthcoming installment in the iconic franchise will introduce a female protagonist. As per reports, she plays a pivotal role in the game’s narrative, involving the character’s relationship with a child.

Persistent rumors over the years have hinted at Grand Theft Auto VI featuring a female lead. Further, this news is reinforced by a substantial leak that surfaced last year. This leak purportedly unveiled early development footage, including two protagonists: Jason and the franchise’s first-ever female lead, Lucia. 

However, Rockstar Games, the development studio behind the franchise, has remained tight-lipped about these leaks. Undoubtedly, this leaves fans to speculate on their accuracy in representing the final product.

To spice it up, the speculation gained traction recently with a new leak from Rockstar Universe suggesting Lucia, the alleged female protagonist. Interestingly, this character’s child will significantly influence the game’s storyline. 

However, this information from a Reddit post detailing Lucia’s purported actions involving her child should be approached with caution. It is basically due to its unverified nature and potential for spoilers.

According to these leaks, Lucia allegedly abandons her child at a deli and engages in a bank robbery. Moreover, it subsequently faces arrest—events set in the game’s past timeline. The speculation also suggests that in the present-day storyline of GTA 6, Lucia’s child might have aged up, although this remains speculative now.

While Rockstar Games has sporadically included child characters in their games, such occurrences, particularly within the untitled Grand Theft Auto game, have been exceptionally rare, casting some doubt on the credibility of these leaks.

Latest Updates on Grand Theft Auto VI Release Date

Grand Theft Auto VI

Adding fuel to the prediction, Rockstar Games has confirmed the imminent release of the first GTA 6 trailer, expected in December. Although lacking a specific date, this upcoming trailer is likely to offer fans an initial glimpse into the gameplay. Additionally, it provides insights into the game’s storyline. 

Whether Lucia’s rumored involvement with a child holds truth or not might be clarified through the GTA 6 news announcement trailer. Surprisingly, it prompts fans to await its unveiling for definitive answers eagerly.

As enthusiasts eagerly foresee the trailer’s release, the speculation surrounding GTA 6’s storyline, particularly Lucia’s alleged connection with a child, continues to stir curiosity and debate among fans. 

Whether these rumors will materialize into factual aspects of the game remains uncertain. However, it underscores the need for enthusiasts to stay tuned for the official revelations from Rockstar Games in the forthcoming trailer.

Stella Artois and Martine Rose Unveil Stella Bottle Caps Jacket

Martine Rose
Image Source: Sam Khoury

The fusion of British pub solidity with a touch of defiant spirit and fashion has birthed a unique collaboration between Stella Artois and the renowned menswear designer Martine Rose

Known for her ability to back down movements, Rose delved into Britain’s punk essence to craft a collection. It summarizes reliability and heritage in partnership with the Belgian-style lager Stella Artois.

Central to this collaboration is the standout piece – a bomber jacket. Surprisingly, it manifests the modern ethos of the entire collection. Moreover, Martine Rose fashioned this jacket from supple tan leather, spotting it with an evident sherpa collar. 

As per visuals, the jacket is adorned entirely with the beer brand’s Stella bottle caps,  embodying the spirit of Stella Artois. Consequently, it is a place for an eye-catching finish. 

The imperfectly styled Stella bottle caps, some slightly bent and showcasing a weathered coat. Through this, it contributes to the jacket’s well-worn aesthetic. This way, it underlines the expertise that went into its creation. Internally, the jacket boasts a lining made from patchworked beer towels bearing the Stella Artois and Martine Rose logos.

In addition, the bomber jacket, a one-off piece in XL size, stands with a pair of jeans, also part of the collection. Further, it showcases a similar vintage, well-worn appearance through the Stella percentage and Martine Rose patches. Rose highlighted its homage to DIY customization in sect clothing. She draws from English punk influences and other craft traditions. 

At Cousins Pool Club, the collaboration teaser video was shot. It’s a favorite domain of Master of Malts and further embodies the collection’s essence. This superior establishment symbolizes dedication and displays an aspect of eternity.

What’s the exciting news about the Martine Rose & Stella Artois collab?

Martine Rose
Image Source: Sam Khoury

For enthusiasts in the United States, an exclusive opportunity awaits. Martine Rose and Stella Artois’s followers on Instagram can participate in a sweepstakes hosted by @StellaArtoisUSA.  

Hence, it’s a chance to win the one-of-a-kind jacket and other pieces from the collection. The “Stella Artois Spin to Win Holiday Sweepstakes” closes on December 27, 2023. Fans can access the contest through the Stella Artois website and follow the provided instructions for entry.

Further, Martine Rose while adorning the latest creation explained, “It’s a heavy, cognac-colored cowhide with an aged, broken effect hand. We wanted something that felt like authentic flyer jacket leather. It’s a real labor of love and completely bespoke.”

For complete rules and guidelines, interested participants can visit stellaartoisspintowin.com for further details.

Adidas Yeezy Slides “Salt” Revealing in 2024

Yeezy slides
Image Source: Adidas

Adidas Yeezy Slides “Salt” is all set to Grace Sneaker Shelves in 2024!

The Adidas Yeezy Slides “Salt” draws to a close in 2023. The enthusiasts of the iconic sneaker line have received news of a potential gem to look forward to in 2024. Adidas will halt releases of the Yeezy line next year, despite the recent announcement. However, the prediction is building for the arrival of this minimalist and stylish slip-on.

Undoubtedly, this Yeezy Slide is a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts for its simple yet effective design and unparalleled comfort. The “Salt” variant is no exception, featuring a green/gray hue crafted from a single piece of injected EVA foam. 

The key design element of the Yeezy slides is a broad strap that covers a significant portion of the footbed. This way, it ensures optimal comfort for wearers. Moreover, Adidas is elegantly stamped on the footbed to maintain the renowned minimalist Yeezy aesthetic. 

What sets the Yeezy Slide “Salt” apart is its commitment to modesty and unity in design. The slip-on marvel is made from a single piece of injected EVA foam. Consequently, it offers a seamless and comfortable experience. The generously wide strap adds to the overall aesthetic and ensures a snug fit. 

Yeezy slides
Image Source: Adidas

Additionally, the Three Stripes logo, an iconic symbol of Adidas, is subtly debossed on the plush top layer of the footbed. It aims to provide a touch of branding without compromising the clean and understated look. The outsole, adorned with horizontal grooves, ensures comfort and reliable traction.

In terms of pricing, the Adidas Yeezy Slide “Salt” will remain within budget with a retail price of $75. This reasonable pricing strategy has been a consistent feature of the Yeezy Boost line. This way, it makes the brand accessible to a wide range of sneaker enthusiasts.

Adidas Yeezy Slides Release Date

The official release date of the Adidas Yeezy Slide “Salt” remains mysterious. Sneaker enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further updates on this exciting release through the CONFIRMED app.  It has become a reliable source for Yeezy release information.

Surprisingly, it adds a touch of excitement for fans who have witnessed the gradual wind-down of the Yeezy releases. As Adidas bids farewell to the Yeezy era, the “Salt” colorway emerges as a testament. This way, it sets the enduring popularity of the Yeezy Slide silhouette. 

Despite the impending conclusion of the Yeezy saga, the Yeezy Slides hold promise as a sought-after addition to sneaker collections. Its unique design, combined with its reputation for comfort makes the Yeezy foam runner a standout release in 2024.

As the Yeezy era reaches to end, fans can reflect on the impact Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas has had on the sneaker industry. The Yeezy Slides “Salt” serves as a fitting testament to the journey. Further, it embodies the essence of minimalist design and style. Its mission is to allow you to use a Yeezy line throughout its lifetime.

Yeezy Slides
Image Source: Adidas

In conclusion, the Adidas Yeezy 700 releases are winding down in 2023. The Yeezy Slide “Salt” emerges as a beacon of excitement for 2024. As a result, its seamless manufacturing, subtle branding, and commitment to comfort stand as a significant mark in the sneaker landscape.

As the Yeezy saga nears its climax, the Yeezy Slide “Salt” remains a symbol of the legacy and influence of the Yeezy brand. Stay tuned for further updates on this highly anticipated release. Must use the CONFIRMED app and other reliable sources within the sneaker community.

Jahan Loh X ACU Built Inflatable Golden Ingots Chamber for ‘Live Long & Prosper’ Theme

Image Source: Jahan Loh x ACU

In collaboration with ACU, a Singaporean pop artist Jahan Loh creates an immersive inflatable Golden Ingots Chamber to dive into the world of positivity and abundance.

Activating from November 10 through November 19, this “Live Long & Prosper” theme will be hosted by the “Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.”

While keeping the Chinese expression “黄金满地,” the floor covered in gold, an epicentre of their theme, Jahan Loh x ACU roll out backdrops of perpetual golden ingots. Playing around a large LED display, the space, eventually, lights up when the complementary golden hue strikes the reflective walls of the chamber.

Further, the amplification of the richness of the display is brought about by 1,888 inflatable ingots. Packed into the centre, these ingots simulate a children’s ball pit where visitors can dive into streams of gold.

What Else Beside Inflatable Golden Ingots

The Jahan Loh x ACU joint venture produces the “God of Fortune BE@RBRIK” series. These collectible block-style figures come in Painted Cast Vinyl material and dimensions measuring 11 × 3 9/10 × 2 in | 28 × 10 × 5 cm. With this ACU Jade God of Fortune 1000% Be@rbrick comes a lucky draw. However, visitors can only win these pieces if they purchase something from the exhibition shop. Also, they have designed limited-edition T-shirts for you to wear while entering the Golden Chamber.

Image Source: Jahan Loh x ACU

Hence, this preview of the Golden Chamber gives an insight into the “deep-rooted Chinese mentality surrounding auspiciousness.” Moreover, the real purpose of Jahan Loh behind building this mesmerizing hue of gold and yellow is to deliver what really brings happiness.

According to this Singaporean street artist real wealth and happiness are beyond material possessions. Instead, what fulfills your life with happiness is the freedom to pursue passion alongside your close ones.

Head over to the “Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre” website to get more information to enrich your soul with this mesmerizing experience.

Image Source: Jahan Loh x ACU

The Timex Teams up With the Met to Unveil Art-Filled Watches

Image Source: Timex

By curating the timeless wristwatch series, Timex has honoured the most influential artwork in collaboration with the Met Museum in New York.

Patching some painterly collections with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the global watch hub has transformed artwork into wearable timepieces. Moreover, this exclusive collection has not only graced the dial but also brought intricate and rich details to focus.

Thus, everything in the assemblage depicts Timex’s signature eye for the artwork!

For this exclusive collection, this American watch brand has chosen two of its most classic watch series; Modern Easy Reader and Timex T80. Working on the canvases of these two watches was quite easy for multiple reasons. Significantly, Modern Easy Reader’s round dial presents ample surface area for the demonstration of the artwork. On the other hand, the T80 offers a retro-style lens, which complements well this artistically inspired design.

Introducing the Five-Pieces Timex Collection

The first masterpiece on Timex Modern Easy Reader depicts Mäda Primavesi’s portrait by Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862–1918). This unique iteration features a girl, Mäda Primavesi. Just like the painting subject’s relatively serious gaze and willful confidence, this wristwatch piece also stands as an emblem of longevity and durability. Further, this version integrates a 40mm leather strap and is available for $99.00.

Image Source: Timex

In the list of the Modern Easy Reader collection, the second artwork is The Actor Nakamura Fukusuke I as Asahina Tōbei. A revered Edo-period artist, Utagawa Kunisada, created this portrait in 1854. Additionally, on a triptych of woodblock prints, this artist incredibly painted a Kabuki actor as a hero of a classic Chinese tale, the Water Margin. With a 40mm leather strap, one can get this watch for only $99.00.

Image Source: Timex

The next Modern Easy Reader watch design represents a Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat by the artist Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890). Created in 1887 on an oily canvas, this portrait demonstrates bold strokes and a vibrant display of colours. Also, this unique artwork includes a 34mm resin strap with the price set at $99.00.

Image Source: Timex

Another prominent artwork on the Timex T80’s watch display is Under the Wave off Kanagawa / The Great Wave. Painted by Katsushika Hokusai in 1830-1832, this artwork pays homage to the power of nature. Taken from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, this painting projects a colossal wave with a small Mount Fuji in the background. Further, one can get this rich piece of art history with a 34mm resin strap for only $99.00.

Image Source: Timex

The final masterpiece portrays Maples at Mama from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo. Painted by Utagawa Hiroshige in 1857, this artwork on T80 frames a picturesque Japanese landscape. 

Image Source: Timex

Hence, each incredible watch serves as a projector of rich art history, adding unique energy to your wrist. Further, this series comes in The Met branded boxes with a QR code. Hop on to Timex’s website to explore Timex X The Met’s incredible range.

A Ma Maniére X Air Jordan 5 Release Date of Dusk & Dawn Line

Air Jordan 5
Image Source: A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan

Air Jordan 5 latest collab with French fashion boutique, A Ma Maniére, has confirmed the release of its first volume, coming this November. Being the fifth sneakers in the list of Air Jordan’s signature collection, Air Jordan 5 offers a variety of coveted OG colourways.

This new journey portrays two exclusive collections “Dawn” (Grey/Blue hue) and “Dusk” (Black/Burgundy hue). AMM (A Ma Maniére) x Air Jordan 5 will launch the Dawn series on November 17. On the other hand, Dusk colourways will follow at a later date.

With the drop of Dawn’s latest silhouettes, one can see a prominent white colourway. Here, the grey and blue sock line complements this predominant hue. Anchored in small details, a TPU cage stands at the midfoot. Moreover, this silhouette integrates a yellow custom monogram, also duplicated on the tongue. While giving a rather comprehensive look, a similar pattern appears on a peripheral blue jacquard. Besides, the iconic “A” logo of AMM is engraved on the tongue and yellow outsole.

Air Jordan 5
Image Source: A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan

Further, the footwear line comes along with complementary apparel. Fine pieces of co-branded bomber jackets suitable for the fall come in black, cream, and navy hues. Additionally, this capsule collection also includes an Anorak set, hoodies, T-shirts, and pants.

Air Jordan 5
Image Source: A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan

A Ma Maniére X Air Jordan 5 Comes Along With ‘Still We Rise’

Most importantly, an elevated storytelling theme ” Still We Rise” pairs up with this campaign.” Previously, A Ma Maniére and Jordan Jumpman team, the iconic Air Jordan logo used by Nike, released “Understand The Why” while dropping the exclusive A Ma Maniére x Jordan Air Ship collection. Now this duo made a comeback with another stellar film in collaboration with Air Jordan 5.

Written by legendary writers, James Baldwin and Maya Angelou, the story revolves around “celebrating the Black community’s power and strength in its multitude of identities.”

AMM founder James Whitener highlighted this unique story by saying, “Black identity is not a monolith. All our previous stories led into this moment, building this first chapter we now bring to a close by opening our arms out to the world to bring us all in, across our communities, the diaspora, and the world to celebrate unity and culture — but also the one common experience we all have: being desired for your culture, never being told that you belong, but still showing up to do the work — from dusk til dawn.”

Air Jordan 5
Image Source: A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan

With the availability set after the mid of November, A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 5 “Dawn” is now being kicked off till November 14 via the boutique’s website and a general raffle. Moreover, there’s also a variation in prices. Women’s size costs $225, preschool for $100, and toddler for $85.

Stay tuned to get the latest update about the upcoming A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 5 Dusk series.

New Balance 550 and 580 Silhouettes Use Japanese Boro Method

New Balance 550
Image Source: Streething and madebynb

Have you ever heard about the Japanese profound Boro technique? If not, the New Balance 550 and New Balance 580 silhouettes present a perfect physical demonstration.

This latest release aims to empower people through sports and craftsmanship. Moreover, this ideal construction method would not only minimize hazardous environmental effects but also let you feel comfortable yet elegant.

In the textile world, this Japanese Boro technique is not just about stitching patches together. In fact, it is a way to endorse the traditional “art of patchwork.” This resourceful practice, which later became a hallmark of rural Japan, repairs and recreates garments using layering and mending techniques.

New Balance 550
Image Source: Streething and Madebynb

Dated back to the Edo period (1603-1868) and the Meiji period (1868-1912), this technique existed when there was a widened gap among classes. At that time, multiple classes wore different fabrics and garment styles to create a distinction. Therefore, working-class people organically developed this technique as a representation of resilience and resourcefulness.

Interestingly, New Balance 550 and 580 aren’t the first of its kind to implement the Boro concept. Before it, different brands and designers followed the same thing. This list includes Rifare, ANT KAI, and M.ATO.

This footwear brand has always come up with a distinctive approach. Whether it’s the production of New Balance 327 or New Balance 2002r, it always promises to impart positive change in communities.

Thus, with an aim to protect and regenerate the ecosystem, this Boston-based footwear brand imparts an intricate amount of details. Following this, the brand opts for the addition of various shades and textures of indigo.

New Balance
Image Source: Streething and Madebynb

While mimicking the captivating Boro technique, this duo of New Balance 550 and 580 stitch together small fabric scraps. Moreover, this technique meticulously stitched together different mixes of materials featuring hairy suede, denim, woven canvas, cracked leather, and pre-aged suede.

Thus, grab this opportunity to wear some traditional artwork which is knocking soon in November.

Fenty X Puma Avanti Unveils Their Coveted New Colourways

Puma Avanti
Image Source: Puma x Fenty

The unconventional mix of two globally acclaimed beauty and fashion brands, Fenty x Puma Avanti, are dropping their football-inspired silhouettes on November 2.

This fashion take on the football brand presents Puma Avanti Sneakers in emerald green and navy blue colour. Moreover, this drop of Avanti is the blend of two Puma icons; the innovative leather design of the King football boot and the sturdy outsole of Easy Rider.

This joint collaboration between Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and the German Sportswear brand Puma shoes dates back to 2015. Interestingly, this combination infuses Rihanna’s timeless fashion instinct and long-standing history of Puma into this Avanti creation.

Rihanna X Puma Avanti: Pushing the Boundaries of Sneaker Design

Puma Avanti
Image Source: Puma x Fenty

This Puma Avanti sneaker, globally renowned as the “Puma Kings Boot,” will still hold its classic feature of a folded extended tongue.

While integrating somber colours into the high-quality leather, the Avanti sneaker will also preserve its conventional construction style. As a result, this new collection will have the same white and brown rubber outsoles. The laces at the superior surface will match the colour of its upper. Also, the tongue will carry a co-branding debossed Fenty and signature feline Puma logo.

These Puma boots integrate certain characteristic features, which include;

  • Oil-treated high-quality leather
  • A tonal leather formstrip with leather piping
  • Gold aglets
  • Debossed Fenty and Puma logo
  • Colours of vintage sports style

The power of celebrity in fashion has definitely proven to have a booming outcome. Therefore, after a successful relaunch of Fenty x Puma, both labels have returned to the market with two fresh colourways.

Previously, Rihanna said in an interview,  “I wanted to bring something iconic from the archives to the street, and the late great Pelé made the Avanti shoe so iconic.”

Hence, Avanti, the evolution of Puma’s disruptive Jil Sander King athletic sneaker, will definitely make it to your wardrobe for its remarkable silhouettes, exclusive range of €75 – €160, trending colours, high-quality leather, and, for sure, due to its association with Rihanna.


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