Morphy Richards, the British brand synonymous with innovative products, has refined its brand strategy, encapsulated in the fresh slogan, ‘Smart Ideas for Your Life.’

According to the company’s official statement, this strategic revamp focuses on ‘innovation’ and ‘smart ideas’ and aims to broaden the range of products and services.

Their goal is to promote a lifestyle that is driven by innovation, and it will not only focus on the home experience but also pay attention to people’s passion for the outdoors and give more portable choices.

Empowering Smart Living: Morphy Richards’ Trailblazing Innovations

Aligned with the upgraded brand positioning, Morphy Richards is poised to launch products that epitomise the ethos of an intelligent lifestyle on a global scale. 

Commencing in March, at the AWE Shanghai 2024 event, Morphy Richards has revealed a range of innovative products in the Chinese market, featuring a Foldable Multifunction Cooking Pot and a Handheld Fan. These offerings introduce innovations that enrich diverse facets of life, embodying the distinctive intelligence of contemporary living.

Morphy Richards unveiled innovative products at AWE 2024 Image Source Morphy Richards

Foldable Multifunction Cooking Pot

The Foldable Multifunction Cooking Pot is a testament to Morphy Richards’ commitment to innovation and smart living. 

It allows users to fry and boil different foods simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for family meals or social gatherings. 

Moreover, its foldability is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, offering ease of transport and storage without compromising functionality. This must-have cooking pot tackles any culinary challenge from home kitchens to campfires.

Handheld Fan

The Handheld Fan is equally impressive, symbolising the brand’s dedication to enhancing comfort and convenience. This compact device boasts a remarkable wind speed of 13.7m/s, ensuring immediate relief from the heat. 

Not only that, but its quick charging capability and extended battery life make it a reliable companion in various environments, including the home, office, and outdoors. More than just a gadget, the fan is a lifestyle choice that reflects the intelligent, efficient, and adaptable nature of modern living.

Embracing Innovation: Morphy Richards’ Vision for Enlightening Progress

Morphy Richards Logo
Image Source Morphy Richards

Since 1936, Morphy Richards has been a beacon of innovation in home appliances, consistently pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional quality.

As they step into 2024, the brand is poised to introduce a wave of innovations and eagerly anticipates sharing its mission of ‘innovate for enlightening progress’ with its esteemed business partners.

To learn more about the brand, visit its official website:

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