OREO, the distinctive American black and white cookie brand, introduces its new European brand platform, ‘Trust The Twist’. 

The iconic cookie brand reveals its latest creative, strategic platform and creative campaign ideated by creative agency LePub Amsterdam.

The latest campaign aims to bring playfulness into everyday habits and become part of people’s daily routines by leveraging the brand’s beloved ritual of twisting.

Image Source OREO via LePub Amsterdam

As The Oreo Turns

This campaign has been inspired by a 2022 study conducted by MIT engineers, which followed in the footsteps of a 2016 study by Princeton University.

The researchers were trying to understand why, after twisting an OREO cookie, the creme always sticks to one side and almost never separates equally. Even after creating a special device called an ‘OREOmeter’, the researchers have yet to get a definitive answer.

Let’s ‘Trust The Twist’

However, this research led LePub Amsterdam to create a European brand platform called ‘Trust The Twist’, making Oreo a new flip-a-coin joyful tool that helps make decisions.

Today’s world requires us to make fast decisions, make them often, and take them seriously. However, the brand believes that there might be another way of approaching everyday routines that could make our lives more enjoyable and less conventional: introducing Twist.

When trying to twist an OREO, we’ll never know if the “creme” – the sweet fondant filling of every OREO cookie – will end up on the right side or the left one.

This random outcome makes the Twist the perfect tool to which we can delegate all the small, repetitive, or serious decisions we face every day as we would do with a coin flip. “Crème on the left or creme on the right?” becomes a much more playful take on the classic: “head or tail?”

The ‘Trust The Twist’ platform takes on multiple challenges: to change consumers’ views and approaches to something as established as their daily routine. Thus, you can do so by nudging the Twist into your daily lives, bringing out spirit where you won’t think to find it.

Perrine Pierrard-Willaey, Mondelez Director, Marketing Sweet Bakery Europe, commented,

“We are excited to present the markets with our new brand platform, ‘Trust The Twist’, which resonates with playfulness, the credo that stands at the heart of the brand. We believe that people would benefit from rediscovering a more light-hearted approach to their lives, especially nowadays. And we are delighted to inspire them to do so alongside our creative partners at LePub Amsterdam.”

Embracing Purpose, Heritage, and Personality: Crafting a Multifaceted Campaign

On top of that, the platform took inspiration from the brand’s purpose, heritage, and cheery personality to create a campaign that puts multiple media at its core.

Miloš Obradović, Chief Creative Officer at LePub Amsterdam, shared,

“When we sat down to shape Oreo’s new equity campaign, we knew we had a powerful tool we could tap into the ritual of the Twist. It already reclaimed its place into pop culture long ago, so we had no doubt it was the key to continue building on the brand’s heritage while letting Oreo’s intrinsic playfulness shine through. ‘Trust The Twist’ is a brave, humorous statement by a brand that has always invited people to take life more light-heartedly and will continue to do so.”

The campaign was initially launched in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, EAM and Greece in 2023 and is now set to expand across Europe and Australia with a wider rollout.

Moreover, this campaign will include TV films, digital and social media campaigns, and local activations throughout the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

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