Fans are awestruck after watching the ‘Barbie movie’ trailer, and so do I!

Yes, you’ve seen it right; the millennial dream is coming true! The fantasy world of Plastic is here with its most adorable characters, ‘Barbie and Ken doll.’ Now anticipations are sky-high as fans have witnessed a fun-packed and breathtaking trailer after ages.

This Greta Gerwig-directed movie introduces Barbie and Ken as a boyfriend and girlfriend without having any idea about physical intimacy. Barbie, as Margot Robbie, and Ken, as Ryan Gosling, will help you re-live your Barbie memory irrespective of age.

Barbie movie
Image Source Warner Bros

The Barbie movie trailer opens up when Ken says ‘Hey Barbie’, which she retaliates similarly. However, that ‘Hey moment’ with others instantly shows the rivalry between Ken and his counterpart ‘, Asian Ken.’ This is hilariously insane that this later becomes a ‘Beach off’ gag.

What fascinates you the most as an audience is the pink Barbie world on the beach, where all Barbie dolls live together. One can also see a self-driving Barbie car and the selfless love of Ken for his rollerblades.

However, what makes it insanely popular is its impressive marketing strategy. The Barbie team allows fans to be a part of Barbie Land using the AI tool. Now, fans can change their photo background by inserting sparkling Barbie-themed backgrounds to become a part of this trend.

Thankfully, unlike other movies, it doesn’t bring out its plot into the open. Unfortunately, 90% of the movie makers disclose half the gags, and you can easily tell what will happen next.

This Barbie film is much more than Barbie accessories and Pink Land. As soon as the tide has changed its course to speculations, fans hint at hidden twists in the movie. Some connect this twist with self-awakening, while others link it to an existential crisis.

No matter what happens, every fan hopes that the iconic Aqua song ‘Barbie Girls’ makes its way to the movie.

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