This new Coca-Cola ad 2023 brings a masterpiece using AI tools and techniques. “Finally, Edvard Munch, Andy Warhol, and Van Gogh’s abstract arts have gained a new dimension!”

In this era of technology, Coca-Cola has taken an innovative stance by merging art and technology. This brand new Coca-Cola ad takes us on a different voyage, where one can experience famous paintings and sculptures.

Moreover, Electric Theatre Collective’s VFX team and Blitzworks have collaborated to produce this brilliant work. By using AI Artificial Intelligence, the creator showed Coca Cola journey – from one painting to another.

Isn’t it interesting that Coca-Cola has finally discovered the good use of AI?

The creators sketched the story in a museum, where a student, on a group visit, sat in boredom. However, something unexpected happened.

“Henry Scholfield” amusingly directed this video by arranging these art forms in a strand, one after another. Also, how these pieces engage with one another is a delight to watch. These masterpieces are from these famous artists; Wonder Buhle, Stefania Tejada, Vikram Kushwah, Fatma Ramadan, and Aket.

This AI-generated Coca Cola ad starts when a hand from Anket’s Divine Idyll makes a way out of the canvas to grab a Coca Cola bottle from Warhol silkscreen.

AI tools
Image Source Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has curated this campaign to highlight brilliant artworks from top-notch artists. The ad includes how the Coca-Cola bottle gets from J.M.W Turner’s ‘The Shipwreck’ painting to the hands of Wonderbuhle’s “You Can’t Curse Me.”

AI tools
Image Source Coca Cola

Interestingly, the famous “Scream by Edvard Munch” was manipulated as if he was screaming for the Coca-Cola bottle. One can even experience how a large Coca-Cola drops into ” Drum Bridge and Setting Sun” by Utagawa Hiroshige.

Hence, this two-minute commercial credits contemporary artists and their valuable work using AI tools and VFX.

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