I Give a Sh!rt Campaign and Unilever Encourage People to Protect and Recycle Clothing

Unilever‘s deodorant portfolio, has partnered with Savers, a global thrift retailer, to inform people about the issue of clothing waste.

The two organisations collaborated for the latest iteration of Savers’ I Give a Sh!rt campaign, an awareness movement that brings attention to the 10.5 million tonnes of clothing that are discarded every year.

The campaign encourages people to recycle their clothing instead of throwing it out. Many people dispose of clothing because it is stained, in fact, 300 million pieces of clothing are tossed out by millennials over a lifetime due to white marks or yellow stains.

“The company‘s deodorant portfolio is excited to be partnering with Savers, a company that is dedicated to keeping clothing in the reuse cycle – which helps both people and the planet,” said Dawn Hedgepeth, Unilever’s Senior Director, US Deodorants and Men’s Grooming.

To kick off the campaign, the Stain-Less, Waste-Less installation was unveiled at The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Centre in New York City. The installation, on display 6 and 7 February, raises awareness about clothing waste and offers solutions to tackle the problem.

The eye-catching installation features a female mannequin standing twenty-eight feet tall and thirty feet wide in diameter, whose dress is made from repurposed clothing. Throughout the dress, there are statistics about the issue of clothing waste as well as steps people can take to extend the life of your clothing.

The installation was designed and created by Electric Coffin, a multidisciplinary studio who uses art and design as filters to engage, excite, and craft inspired experiences. On site are collection areas where clothing can be dropped off and Unilever will be recycling the clothes to a local New York nonprofit organisation.

“Considering the impact of textile waste on the environment, taking steps to extend the life of our clothing can make a huge difference. Our partnership with Unilever’s deodorant portfolio for this edition of the I Give a Sh!rt campaign allows us to continue to raise awareness around the importance of developing solutions that keep clothing in the reuse cycle—and out of the garbage bin,” said Tony Shumpert, Savers’ Vice President of Recycling and Reuse.

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