“Enjoy My Japan” Showcases Japan to Have Something for Everyone

Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) inaugurated a global scale, multilingual campaign entitled “Enjoy my Japan.”

The campaign seeks to entice long-haul travellers to visit Japan and explore the country beyond the well-known popular attractions, and immerse themselves more fully in the rich depths of Japanese nature and culture that exist off the beaten tourist path.

This extensive, multifaceted promotion involves a broad variety of initiatives, including the launch of a dedicated website featuring video clips that show a broad range of activities and scenes not typically associated with Japan, strategically targeted digital advertisements, and television commercials to be aired in multiple markets.

The campaign is a major addition to efforts made in recent years by both public and private sectors in Japan to attract more visitors from overseas. Since 2000, the number of travellers from abroad has soared by 500%, from 4.76 million to an estimated 28.7 million in 2017.

“Enjoy my Japan” has been targeted especially for travellers from Europe, North America, and Australia. Long a popular destination for regional travellers from Asia Pacific nations, who comprise some 85% of visitors at present, there is plenty of room for growth with travellers from the West, who currently make up 11%.

The campaign theme, “Enjoy my Japan,” expresses the interaction of the international traveller with the Japanese people themselves, in addition to inviting visitors to create their own personal relationship with the country as a preferred destination. An intrinsic component of the campaign is to motivate the Japanese people to open their arms to visitors from abroad, and to show and tell them just what it is that’s so special about their country.

In constructing and honing the focus of the campaign, avid travellers were surveyed to identify the things they find most alluring when choosing a destination abroad. Survey results revealed a series of commonly recurring “passion points” that make up a satisfying trip. In turn, these were categorised and compiled into a list of locations and experiences designed to fulfill a traveller’s passions—cuisine, tradition, nature, city, relaxation, art, outdoor—and a series of brief video clips, were produced to bring them all to life.

JNTO will support the unveiling of the “Enjoy my Japan” website with campaign events in Tokyo as well as in key global cities such as London, Berlin, Paris, Sydney and New York. At these gatherings, widely recognised influencers in the travel sector will reach out to their audiences to convey their wanderlust and share some of their own travel experiences in Japan.

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