Olympic Showcase to Bring Excitement to Fans, Athletes and Officials at the Olympic Winter Games

Samsung Electronics, worldwide Olympic partner in the Wireless Communications and Computing Equipment category, is bringing technological innovations to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 through interactive experiences at its new Olympic showcase sites.

The company will encourage fans and athletes to “Do What You Can’t” through fun, immersive experiences across multiple Olympic showcases.

Throughout the Olympic Winter Games, a total of nine Olympic showcases from the company, featuring a mix of cultural, technological and immersive fan experiences, will be in PyeongChang and Gangneung, including Olympic Parks and the Olympic Villages, the Main Press Centre, and four at the Incheon International Airport.

The Olympic showcases at PyeongChang Olympic Plaza and Gangneung Olympic Park opening on 9 February will provide visitors with engaging experiences incorporating the company’s legacy of breakthrough innovation and interactive activities powered by its technology.

Athletes and fans will first experience the brand’s history and heritage in engineering, design, and craftsmanship, and then the partnership history with the Olympic Games. Then through interactive experiences, visitors will be able to feel the exhilaration and escape into real world thrills in winter sports through VR including snowboarding and skeleton, as well as participate in alpine and cross-country skiing contests that will challenge fans’ fitness capacity.

For the first time, visitors will be able to experience the ‘Mission to Space VR: A Moon for All Mankind’ created by the company. Visitors will experience a full space mission including mission briefing, trying on the training suits and helmets, and the truly immersive experience in the Moon rig where they will feel lunar gravity with every step.

“For two decades as a Worldwide Olympic Partner, Samsung has connected fans, visitors and athletes from around the world with our latest technological innovations, which have now evolved to also include immersive experiences. We’re delighted to share Samsung’s latest mobile technologies and products so fans and athletes can enjoy new, unique experiences while at the Olympic Winter Games,” said Younghee Lee, CMO and Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics.

“Over the course of our longstanding partnership, Samsung has brought new experiences and technology advancements to each Olympic Games. Samsung helps to make each and every one an exciting and meaningful experience for all,” said IOC President Thomas Bach.

Samsung was a four-time winner of the World Branding Awards, in the Consumer Electronics-Television category.

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