The Surge in Podcast Popularity & Its Life Changing Impacts

life changing

It’s amusing that podcast continues to grow in popularity. However, along with its gowing longitudinal and latitudinal dimensions, it continues to cast life changing impacts in several ways!

It’s not random to say that Podcasts are a modified version of Radio shows that our ancestors have enjoyed for years. Through podcasts, people arrange episodes of audio programs, that are somehow life changing for the masses.
However, the surge in podcast programs and community is rapidly increasing in the year 2023. Not surprisingly, alone in the UK running podcasts figure is 1.3 million. Moreover, 19.1 million UK citizens listen to those podcasts.
Originating in 2004, Podcasts were sought as a way of downloading radio broadcasts to either an MP3 player or an Apple iPod. Eventually, with time, this process begins to grow. People find it an easy way to access entertainment and informative content. Soon, the Podcast takes over the horizon to constitute 23.2 million active listeners.

Why Gen Z More Inclined to Podcasts

According to podcast statistics, 71% of podcast listers are from Gen Z. Following this, Gen Z now considers it part and parcel of their lives. From workouts to long drives – Gen Z has remarkably integrated it into their lives. The younger generation, who are more often subjected to vulnerability, are seeking it as a catharsis.

However, the question here arises about its explicit relationship with Gen Z. Here, merely one word can describe it, ‘connectivity.’ The stronger the connection, the longer the bond will go on.

life changing

Explicitly, many UK podcasts are solely for Gen Z. Moreover, their diversity depends on users’ interests. For instance, many are interested in history podcasts, while others want to stick to the comedy podcast. Here are trending UK podcast charts for Gen-Z;

  1. The Rest is Politics
  2. The Therapy Couch
  3. Up Front with Simon Jordan
  4. Off Menu
  5. The Guardian ‘Football Weekly
  6. The Martin Lewis
  7. Popmaster Podcast
  8. Steve Allen Podcast
  9. The Blindboy Podcast
  10. Parenting hell podcast

Nowadays, the likelihood of Podcast culture has developed as much as listening to your favorite track while doing anything. It has become so ingrained that our reflexes will instantly sense the playing of a podcast whenever someone with headphones passes by.

How Podcast Exerts Life Changing Impact

Podcasts are protagonists in the way that they target detailed areas of interest. For instance, if someone is interested in economics and finance, he can listen to economics podcasts. Likewise, this effective globalizing and marketing tool target specific niche to attract a niche-specific audience.

Hence, this convenience casts a much bigger impact on people’s life style, thinking, and perceptions!

Moreover, its accessibility and affordability have made it one of the strongest ways of communication. Also, people can stay updated, whether it’s about a baseball match or an upcoming movie. This flexibility lets people save time and money, as one can listen to podcasts via smartphones.

Essentially, it’s a great way to raise social awareness. Whether it’s global warming, a rise in water level, or excessive use of plastic, people are deliberately using podcasts to positively impact lives.

Similarly, many organizations sponsored podcasts to spread awareness about certain matters. Hence, it is a great way to hold people’s attention without any big investment.