BBC recently announced the new Kanye West documentary and podcast. The project will air on BBC Two and explores the rollercoaster life and career of Kanye West. The working title of the documentary is ‘We Need To Talk About Kanye’.

new Kanye West documentary
Source The News International

BBC media centre’s press statement stated, “Unfolding against the backdrop of Ye’s 2024 election campaign, and at a time when his behaviour has sparked outrage and a re-evaluation of his place in popular culture, this one-off documentary follows Mobeen as he attempts to understand the complex journey that led Ye to become one of the most famous and creatively successful artists of his generation.” Further, they added, “But more recently, to condemnation and notoriety.”  

Mobeen Azhar will host the new Kanye West documentary and podcast. He is an investigative journalist with a BAFTA award. Azhar is also credited for creating ‘The Battle for Britney’. It is a documentary about Britney’s fight for freedom out of conservatorship.  

A podcast will run alongside the documentary and will be an eight-part series. The episodes will have different guests “who can bring an insight into Kanye’s life and dig deeper into his place in culture”. The duration of this insight will start “with the early stratospheric success to the condemnation of later years”.  

BBC has not announced the broadcasting date yet. However, they will confirm the dates in the coming months.

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