Fashion designer Savannah Miller teams up with retail specialist Damian Hopkins to launch the womenswear brand, Vivere, reflecting a true embodiment of contemporary fashion.

Now is the time to put a stylish spin on contemporary fashion, with Vivere, the new womenswear venture by Savannah Miller and Damian Hopkins.

Vivere has Italian origins, which means ‘be alive’, ‘endure’, or ‘live through’. Beginning next month, users can shop directly from Vivere’s website or selected John Lewis stores.

Moreover, Vivere’s entire collection focuses on transcending current shopping patterns, resonating with feminist styles and values.

With its debut, Vivere will exhibit elevated fabrications, directional margins, and a subtle tonal colour palette. Moreover, these refined styles integrate earthy green, brown hues, elegant pink, and rich navy.

Savannah Miller is a leading British fashion designer who graduated in 2004 from Central Saint Martins, a London art school. In 2007, Savannah and her sister, Sienna Miller, co-founded the brand Twenty8Twelve. Her sister later left the brand, but Savannah continued the legacy by creating bespoke gowns as part of her bridal couture.

Vivere Owner Savannah Miller and her business partner, Damian Hopkins.
Savannah Miller with her business partner Damian Hopkins Image Source Womens Wear Daily

This time, Savannah Miller has jumped into a new pool of fashion with a fresh perspective. She aims to impart effortless confidence in women, delivering the feeling of one’s best self.

The team at Vivere also includes Duygu Leblebici and Nilufer Polat, who are Istanbul-based supply chain experts. Susie Calvert rounds up the team as COO.

The Head of Fashion Brands at John Lewis, Beth Pettet, said: “We are excited to be the exclusive launch partner for a womenswear brand, Vivere. Savannah’s take on the ‘new smart’ will for sure align with our customers’ demands.”

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