Selfridges ‘Swap Store’ Initiative Brings Circular Fashion to London


Swapping your fashion pieces for pre-loved items is the newest, most anticipated initiative by department store brand, Selfridges.

Instead of throwing your less favourite fashion items in landfills, swap them at London’s fashion hub, Selfridges. This way, the items can be used by others in a more constructive manner than dumping them in the trash.

Selfridges’ ‘Swap Culture’ will be available from the 10th to the 30th of July, ensuring that pre-loved pieces are exchanged only for good.

To own these secondhand pieces, Selfridges staff will provide you with a stamp that values your fashion holdings. However, if you don’t find anything worthwhile to exchange, you can use the same stamp on your next visit. According to Selfridges, “Sometimes swapping is a right time, right place situation”.

In collaboration with LOANHOOD, the circular fashion experience aims to prolong the lifetime of clothes and other fashion items. The secondhand clothes experiment will go far beyond your wardrobe. At just a fraction of an amount, you can purchase clothes, shoes, and even handbags.

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Moreover, this strategy aims to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry. Along with recycled plastic, the idea is to reuse clothes and accessories for a more circular fashion economy.

Follow these steps to make use of this scheme effectively;

  1. Book yourself a ticket to attend the swap fair. Only five items are restricted to each ticket.
  2. To ensure a worthwhile swap, bring products valued between £50 and £300.
  3. Get a stamp from the Selfridges team, showcasing the value of what you own.
  4. Navigate through the shop to look for your favourite purchase in exchange for the stamp at checkout.

The sustainable fashion initiative by Selfridges is a men’s and women’s wear swap, allowing everybody to shop for pre-loved items with fewer restrictions. Upcycling workshops will also be held, with proceeds benefiting the charity Oxfam.

Maheen Fatima
Maheen Fatima
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