Silverside AI has unveiled Hypnovels, a generative AI platform that will completely change the way books are consumed, promoted, and enjoyed. 

The platform, now in beta at (password: reading2024), represents a powerful new AI marketing tool that allows authors to generate engaging animated experiences from their book’s content in just a few easy steps and takes only a few hours to render.


With just four steps, any author can craft an animated and captivating multimedia experience, typically requiring months of time and vast creative resources.

Here’s how an author can create a captivating animation via Hypnovels in just a few hours:

  1. Pick a Chapter: Choose a section of your book that would translate well visually.
  2. Describe Your World: Briefly describe your book’s setting and atmosphere.
  3. Choose Your Style: Select a visual theme and narrator’s voice that fits your story.
  4. Watch it Come Alive: Hypnovel transforms your text into an engaging animation, ready to share. 

With this AI-generated assistant, authors can bring their books to life and reach new readers, all without needing months of work or a big budget.

The Role of Hypnovels Animations

PJ Pereira, award-winning advertising veteran and Founder of Silverside AI shared a backstory of the creation of this tool. Recognising the potential of AI in promoting his science fiction novel, “The Girl From Wudang,” PJ Pereira conceived the idea for Hypnovels. 

Pereira envisioned a broader application – a tool that could be adapted to various narratives if its functionality were streamlined and made flexible.

Hypnovels A new way to express literary ideas Image Source Silverside AIPereira ODell

Through AI, this tool empowers authors everywhere to leverage the kind of production value previously reserved for major advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, this platform is a unique blend of AI and creativity, using several forms of AI combined into one: GPT4 for interpretation, Stable Diffusion for animation, Eleven Studios for voice, and multiple individually created artistic styles.

Pereira emphasised that this tool’s true value lies in how it tailors these technologies to heighten the reader experience. As an author, he explains, readers are intended to conjure their own mental imagery. Hypnovels animations are designed to act as companions, enriching the experience rather than dictating it.

Partnering With BookTrib

Because compelling visuals are only impactful when they are observed, Silverside has forged a partnership with BookTrib, a prominent online literary platform for readers and a robust marketing tool for authors and publishers. 

With three decades of experience in book publishing and promoting authors’ works, Meryl Moss, the brain behind BookTrib and the President and Founder of Meryl Moss Media Group, a literary media relations and marketing firm, perceives Hypnovels as a transformative force in the sharing and promotion of literary creations. 

Moby Dick Reimagined: Hypnovels Edition

Moby-dick by Hypnovels
Moby dick Image Source Silverside AIPereira ODell

On top of that, the groundbreaking AI tool has achieved a significant feat. The tool has rendered Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick in its entirety as a dynamic animated experience, now available for readers worldwide.

This achievement represents a significant advancement in natural language processing and AI capabilities, potentially leading to innovations in various fields such as literature analysis, content creation, and language understanding.

Transforming Storytelling: Hypnovels Redefines Reader Experience

Ultimately, Hypnovels is a revolutionising platform that allows authors to animate book chapters for promotion effortlessly. Hypnovels stand poised to revolutionise the way readers experience stories.

By harnessing the power of AI, it offers a captivating blend of words and visuals, breathing new life into beloved classics and enticing readers to discover fresh narratives. This innovative format promises to deepen engagement, fostering a more immersive journey for readers of all backgrounds.

For more information about Hypnovels, visit their official website at

About Silverside AI

Silverside AI, a subsidiary of Pereira & O’Dell in collaboration with Serviceplan Americas, is an AI innovation and incubation lab based in San Francisco. Positioned at the intersection of creativity and technology, Silverside AI is committed to fostering collaboration, experimentation, and innovation in the global design, advertising, and marketing industries.

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