How Maybelline is highlighting online Toxic Environment




Maybelline New York has launched an awareness campaign highlighting toxic culture in online gaming platforms. This environment explicitly impacts women, non-binary people, and LGBTQIA+ community individuals.

Hence, the Maybelline campaign steps forward with a broader vision to promote self-confidence and empowerment among the gaming community. 

Maybelline has taken this initiative in collaboration with a creative agency, HERO. The brand aims to highlight this horrific culture, especially prevalent in the Australian gaming universe. Following this, Maybelline has announced “The Eyes Up Cup”, a Royale battle between the 32 most influential Australian women in gaming. The brand aims to boost women’s confidence as a part of their commitment. 

For this latest campaign, Maybelline has connected with the cross-game avatar platforms “Ready Player Me” and “Gaming Platform Zynga.” To strengthen the scope of this program, Maybelline has also partnered with ReachOut. This online portal works for an individual’s well-being and mental health by providing support. 

As a global women empowerment icon, Maybelline understands its responsibility towards society. It tries to play a constructive role by targeting Gen Z consumers. As a result, the brand indulged itself in a fully functioning collaboration with Logitech G in 2021.

At that moment, Maybelline aimed to establish an authentic connection with consumers. Now, it has decided to take this connection to the next level by doing something worthwhile for the community. 

The Through Their Eyes campaign has created a powerful film that stars Aussie male gamers. The storyline highlights how male gamers use voice-modification software and fake female profiles to show themselves as women. The film centers on the harassment and toxic culture that gamers experience. 

Maybelline marketing director Alexandra Shabdolt said, “ Since the launch of our Brave Together initiative in 2022, it has become our passion for learning more about the live experiences of women, non-binary people, and other LGBTQIaA+ communities to understand where more work needs to be done.

We wanted to showcase the discrimination these communities face in gaming. We hope that after viewing the film, gamers can think differently about their actions, and we can all create a safer, inclusive space in gaming.”