Charlotte Tilbury, the renowned beauty brand, is marking the launch of its first fragrance collection with a vibrant pop-up event in London.

What’s more, the ‘Future of Fragrance’ experience will give a  spotlight of Charlotte Tilbury’s first ever fragrance collection in Protein Studios within London’s vibrant Shoreditch district. Crafted in collaboration with master perfumers at the flavours and fragrance company IFF, this collection is enriched by insights from neuroscience.

charlotte tilbury- new fragrance pop up
Illustration of the Charlotte Tilbury Future of Fragrance experience Image Source Charlotte Tilbury

In addition, the event is starting from May 10 to 19, this pop-up guarantees beauty enthusiasts an unparalleled, immersive, sensory journey. Showcasing six new fragrances, each infused with emotion-enhancing molecules meticulously crafted to evoke a spectrum of feelings, the experience pledges to captivate visitors with its unique olfactory delights.

Apart from that, at the pop-up, guests will be welcomed to traverse through a captivating “magical portal” leading to six distinct multi-sensory realms. Each realm corresponds to a specific emotion inspired by the fragrances: Love, Happiness, Seduction, Energy, Serenity, and Empowerment.

Through a meticulous process, each scent was meticulously crafted by harnessing, processing, and scrutinising over five billion data points collected from tens of thousands of consumers. These data points were instrumental in understanding how various fragrance notes influence individuals and shape emotions.

Charlotte Tilbury- new fragrance pop up
Illustration of the Charlotte Tilbury Future of Fragrance experience Image Source Charlotte Tilbury

Additionally, utilising IFF’s cutting-edge algorithm, the ‘IFF ScentCube’, these insights were translated into targeted scent combinations and fragrance accords, enabling the creation of a range of emotions through fragrance.

Furthermore, in her statement regarding the fragrance collection, she expressed, “From dreams to science to ingredients to each beautiful bottle, you are stepping into the future of fragrance. This is a spectacular, olfactive revolution in the beauty industry.”

“My fragrances are designed for everyone, a culmination of world-renowned perfumers’ expertise, cutting-edge technology, insights from neuroscience, four decades of research, and an extraordinary symphony of ingredients. This represents my most innovative collection to date”, she added.

Not only that, visitors to the pop-up can expect to step through a ‘magical portal’ into a world of sensory delights, where they will discover the intricate process behind the creation of each fragrance. Every detail, from the selection of ingredients to the formulation of scent combinations, reflects Charlotte Tilbury’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Charlotte Tilbury, Collection of Emotions fragrance
Charlotte Tilbury Collection of Emotions Image Source Charlotte Tilbury

What’s more, the pop-up at Protein Studios, located at 31 New Inn Yard, London, is open to all and free to admission. Guests can secure their tickets through the Charlotte Tilbury website and receive complimentary samples of personalised fragrance recommendations. It’s a rare opportunity to explore the future of fragrance in the heart of London’s vibrant Shoreditch district.

In summary, Charlotte Tilbury’s fragrance pop-up at Protein Studios promises an unforgettable experience, blending artistry, science, and emotion to redefine the boundaries of fragrance in the beauty industry.

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