Monsoon unveils its gateway to exotic travel boutique stores, amidst London Waterloo station. Further, the brand aims to spread out this concept across the UK and Europe.

This highly anticipated expansion adds another store to Monsoon’s parent company Adena Brands’ row of 37 accessorize travel stores. Following this, Monsoon lands at the 28th and 38th slot in a travel store list across UK and Europe.

Amid rapid expansion, the Monsoon travel store integrates an “ideal testing ground” – curating top-notch travel essentials and seasonal collections.

Paul Thomas, Retail Director for Monsoon and Accessorize, said: “Transport hubs such as stations and airports have long been central to the success of the Accessorize brand. Now, we’re optimistic about bringing that expertise to Accessorize’s sister brand, creating a new travel concept for Monsoon.”

Situated on the balcony at Waterloo Station, SE1 7LY, the brand entails artisan details, hand-painted designs, and a hovering fabric chandelier centrepiece.

London Waterloo Station
Curating the best travel collection Image Source Monsoon

Further Paul Thomas exclaimed, “Monsoon customers have always been free-spirited and adventurous by nature, and the brand has always had a strong travel offer. Bringing our new travel boutique concept to the UK’s busiest train station is a great opportunity for us to build on that and serve our customers as they head out for the weekend or on holiday, or when they come into London for an event or occasion.

We will trial a new product assortment in Waterloo to provide our customers with core travel essentials as well as items for last-minute gifting.”

Hence, this new wake of Monsoon’s recent opening, after the launch of Islington and Monsoon Vintage pop-up, has sprung up diversity in clothing and accessories. With this new retail presence, customers can shop from a variety of seasonal and travel collections.

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