Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has debuted its impressive new global headquarters in Hangzhou.

This colossal project boasts nearly 1 million square meters of space, seamlessly blending office areas with dedicated recreational zones.

Alibaba's New Headquarters
Image Source Alibaba

Every year, Alibaba commemorates its annual employee appreciation day, AliDay, on May 10th with a special celebration. This year, they marked the occasion by welcoming friends and alumni to tour their two brand-new campuses in Hangzhou.

2024 AliDay Celebration
Image Source AlibabaWeChat

A Tech Titan Rises: The Immensity of Alibaba’s New Headquarters

The company’s headquarters project is located in the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City. According to reports from Chinese media outlets, the total construction area is 984,500 square meters, with an above-ground construction area of 584,500 square meters.

The complex pays homage to the e-commerce giant’s origins and underscores its dedication to its hometown of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.

Image Source: Alibaba/Wechat
Image Source AlibabaWeChat

According to the company’s official statement on WeChat, it boasts gardens, a football field, a 400-meter running track, basketball and badminton courts, multiple gyms, and other facilities.

The area consists of 7 office buildings arranged in a circular layout, all interconnected to form a dynamic circulation line known as the ‘Vitality Loop.’

Plans are underway to transform the Vitality Loop into a multifaceted space. It will feature commercial establishments, dedicated areas for leisure, and cultural exhibitions, creating a truly integrated experience in the years to come.

Image Source: Alibaba/Wechat
Image Source AlibabaWeChat

Work and Play: Alibaba’s New HQ Blends Business with Recreation

With the new global headquarters up and running, Alibaba will be relocating its e-commerce giants, Taobao and Tmall, to Xixi Zone A, solidifying this area as the dedicated hub for its online commerce operations.

Meanwhile, Alibaba Xixi Zone B is poised to officially open to the public, transforming into an innovative digital ecosystem park dedicated to Alibaba. It will offer services and support to both upstream and downstream ecological enterprises.

The park’s centrepiece is a unique wetland garden, offering a picturesque view of Alibaba’s iconic smiling face logo. Embracing the ‘urban forest’ concept, the space’s sprawling 260,000-square-meter landscape design fosters a sense of nature within the city.

Image Source: Alibaba/Wechat
Image Source AlibabaWeChat

To accommodate sporting activities, the park’s northeast side offers standard football fields, a 400-meter track, outdoor basketball courts, and even indoor sports facilities.

The largest of these, Xixi C District, impressively boasts the capacity to welcome a staggering 30,000 employees.

Alibaba’s Chaoyang Science and Technology Park in Beijing

The same day also saw the grand opening of Alibaba’s Chaoyang Science and Technology Park in Beijing. The park features traditional courtyards, decorations reflecting Beijing’s famous landmarks, and connections inspired by bridges from both Beijing and Hangzhou. The entire design also reflected the local area.

Image Source: Alibaba/Wechat
Alibabas Chaoyang Science and Technology Park in Beijing Image Source AlibabaWechat

Fostering Innovation and Well-being in a New Era

Alibaba’s grand opening of its new global headquarters and the Beijing Science and Technology Park marks a significant milestone for the tech giant.

These innovative spaces, blending cutting-edge design with employee well-being and regional influences, position Alibaba for continued growth despite fierce competition and ongoing business restructuring.

Image Source: Alibaba/Wechat
Image Source AlibabaWeChat
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