Making Comfort ‘Deluxified’ With Kraft Mac and Cheese Frozen Range

Kraft Mac and Cheese
Images source: Kraft Mac and Cheese

The new Kraft Mac and Cheese frozen range is your next warm, cheesy bowl delight. Kraft Mac and Cheese’s new advertisement highlights your comfort level that ‘deluxifies’ with each scoop of creamy and cheesy pasta.

This freezer-aisle version of Epic Mac and Cheese by Kraft Heinz celebrates its new four-cheese flavor. These remarkable versions of Kraft Mac and Cheese Frozen delight includes Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Asiago cheese sauce.

The Mac and Cheese corporate brings mind-blowing advertisements. These three ads bring a new flavor of comfort.

Kraft Mac and Cheese First Advertisement

Kraft Mac and Cheese’s first advertisement gives a glimpse of a remarkably huge cat. As soon as the girl infuses her mouth with a Mac and Cheese velvety pasta bite, she feels an immense level of comfort. The creators metaphorically demonstrate this as if she is leaning back on her big-sized cat.

Second Advertisement

The second advertisement builds a scenario of a grandma and her grandson. The boy holds Mac and Cheese pasta bowl in his hands while the grandma is knitting a piece of cloth. At that very moment, the boy experiences the next level of comfort as he pours the pasta into his mouth. Suddenly, he felt doppelgangers of his grandmother, comforting him with a large shrug.

Third Advertisement

The third one is also the sheer example of comfort with a deluxe frozen Mac and Cheese bite. The girl feels a hot water bottle’ kinda comfort as she eats the cheesiest and creamiest pasta. Moreover, this deluxified comfort is depicted by hugging a gigantic hot water bottle. Thus, the Kraft Mac and Cheese bite makes you feel as if you’re laying cuddling a hot water bottle while watching nighttime shows.

Victoria Lee, brand manager, Kraft Mac & Cheese, “As we launch Deluxe Frozen – making it even easier for our fans to get the creamy, cheesy, next-level goodness of our Deluxe Mac & Cheese – we are thrilled to also share the latest installment of the ‘Help Yourself’ campaign with these new ‘Deluxified’ spots. The new films build on what we started last year with the ‘Help Yourself’ noodle transformations, but in a Deluxe way – provoking people to take their comfort up a notch (or two!).”

Paula Gete-Alonso, creative, Johannes Leonardo, “While other brands are telling you to be adventurous, productive, and get out of your comfort zone, Kraft Mac and Cheese celebrates elevating your comfort zone to get that feel-good feeling with Deluxe.”

With rising temperatures and high inflation, surely, one can feel pathetic. However, this creamiest and cheesiest bit of Kraft Mac and Cheese is here to add a hint of comfort to your life. Moreover, Mac and Cheese are also launching a limited edition of Frozen (A) Isle Sweater. You can get these sweaters from its online store to retain the warmth.