For sure, the American Internet Celebrity cat has left this world; however, its essence can be felt in the Samsung smart tv ad. Samsung released a new TV commercial for its newly launched 2023 Neo QLED 8K smart tv, which is super adorable.

In this Samsung advert for Samsung 8k tv, one can notice the world’s grouchy feline ready to go on an epic mission, saying ‘wow’ again.

This BBH Singapore production, under the direction of Rodrigo Saavedra, brings a visually spectacular journey. Undoubtedly, you’ll feel good and can easily spotlight different ‘wow’ factors in this Samsung ad.

The film starts when an exotic shorthair cat sits on a balcony with its owner. At that very moment, the cat uttered the word, ‘wow’ after seeing a Samsung QLED tv unloaded by a few workers on the street.

However, its owner didn’t know that what spectacular sight made his cat say ‘wow’ in an unreal way. From then on, the expedition started, where the owner made desperate attempts to replay that fascinating sound.

Samsung smart tv
The owner holds the cat after the epic wow moment

What else had the owner not tried – from scuba diving to street dancing, to impress the cat? But the world’s grouchiest cat was only reluctant in return.

According to BBH Singapore production, filming a cat was the most challenging task. Further, the voiceover artist took 30 takes to make that perfect sound, ‘wow.’ And after reading this, we can literally say, ‘incredibly wow.’

Sascha Kuntze, a chief creative officer at BBH Singapore, expressed, “In the past, Samsung has had many animal guests in their ads, from ostriches to spiders. But we never dared to put one of the most discerning animals in a story: an exotic short hair with very high standards.”

Thus the delivery of the Samsung QLED tv and the reacting sound ‘wow’ leave everyone in utter amusement.

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