Ribena Celebrates 85 Years of the Brand With Its Favorite Berry Characters

Image Source: Ribena UK

Ribena’s 1980s era is back with its favorite Berry character. Upon marking its 85th anniversary, Ribena tries to give the latest ad push by reintroducing ‘Ribena Berry characters.’

M&C Saatchi-created ad, brings a 21st-century version of mesmerizing Berry characters to your screen. Interestingly, this is the brand’s biggest marketing campaign, investing £3.5m to get fruitful results.

It’s a never-seen-before moment for Ribena’s fans. Through this, one gets a chance to witness the mind-boggling integration of conventional Berry characters in today’s modern Tv format.

Image source Ribena UK

Since its last appearance on tv in 2014, fans have been eagerly waiting for its comeback. However, this return has broken all records. System 1 Research has given 5.1 stars to the ad. Moreover, it has secured 20th ranking in the list of 359 soft drinks ads. Therefore, on its 85th birthday, it’s here to remind you all there is nothing like Ribena.

Ribena’s animated tv ad highlights how each Berry strives to acquire its place in its Vitamin-C enriched bottle. Also, the scenario depicts a countryside view of freshly grown ‘Ribena Farm.’ The ad starts showing Berries’s long trail and enjoying the ride. From using mushrooms as drums to using long stems as a bow to fire each berry – everything is worth-watching.

Moreover, Ribena’s ad rightly depicted these lines;

‘They’ll take a jump, take a dive; They’ll do anything to get inside.’

Moreover, berry and strawberry Ribena’s summer-long celebration is accompanied by Hasbro. This special collaboration gives families a chance to earn exciting prizes.

Also, GlaxoSmithKline, Ribena’s owner, explains the main reason behind this campaign. This in turn is designed to boost sales through this potent marketing strategy.

Resembling British blackcurrants, these charming Berries signify their origin. Thus, every mom can proudly introduce ‘Ribena drink’ as a by-product of 39 growers.