Johnnie Walker latest campaign Walk Beyond enriches people’s lives by adding creativity. However, this blend gets a Southeast Asian touch by incorporating its street culture.

Usually, Asian applauds the West for its street culture. However, for the first time in a while West has integrated popular Southeast Asian street culture.

According to this campaign, “An emerging generation of fluid, curious and bold multi-hyphenates are setting their own agendas of self-expression and using their newly found creative power to redefine street culture across the region.”

A new generation of Changemakers in Asia is ready to get inspiration from Johnnie Walker’s ” Keep Walking ” philosophy. Moreover, this cultural blend unites established icons from Singapore,  the Philippines, and Vietnam. This way, the creation of a new genre paved the way to celebrate epic Southeast Asian culture.

Additionally, this multi-hyphenates pairing up includes the following street culture expressions;

Epic Hip Hop Meets Drag

Both these forms are unique in their style but impactful on the audience. However, this Drag-Hop blend is the first of its kind. Yung Raja collaborates with the queen of drag Salome Blaque to create a new dimension of self-expression.

Johnnie Walker
Image Source Vice Asia

Pop Meets Roller Skating

This fusion comes into action when Pinoy-popstar James Reid and Manila’s leading skate crew, The Skatebomb Girls, ‘Rhythm and Roll’ combine their style. Bringing an exclusive display of the art, Johnnie Walker experience and efforts bring girls forward in this dominated male street culture.

When Rap Meets Stand Up

These two mediums are contrasting in nature. Rap is a thriving art form; however, stand-up comedy is an underrated one. People often face reluctance in appreciating stand-up comedy.

However, breaking this stereotype, rapper 16Typh and comedian Phuong Nam make a joint effort to form ‘Stand-up Cypher’. This partnership of Johnnie Walker and Virtue will release the film ‘Rap Meets Stand Up’ in June.

Hence, this ‘Walk Beyond’ series will amplify your digital experience. You’ll get to explore new talent and art forms through this collaborative output.

Chris Gurney, group creative director at Virtue APAC, addresses this collaboration, “The collaboration between established icons and up-and-coming trailblazers creates a new narrative for self-expression, authenticity, and progress that we believe will inspire and shape the future of street culture in Southeast Asia.”

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