Dyson is back with its 360 Vis Nav Vacuum Cleaner. After the arrival of its predecessor, Dyson 360 Eye in 2016, this robot vacuum cleaner makes a prominent comeback.

Interestingly, unlike its counterparts, Dyson 360 New Robot Vacuum Cleaner can work in complicated environments.

Moreover, Dyson says that this AI-powered tool can automatically detect walls, look for dust, and can deflect from obstacles. Its ‘think and adapt’ capacity imparts a human-like approach towards cleaning. Even its square head can approach tricky spots to acquire ‘precise edge cleaning.’

Image Source Dyson

Another thing distinguishing this latest remote control Vacuum Cleaner from its ancestors is its small size. Approaching hard-to-reach places has been a challenging task for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. But not anymore, as this cordless vacuum can go as low as 3.9 inches.

Unlike earlier models, this robo-vac has a long brush up to the length of the vacuum. Besides, this brush has three distinct surfaces to execute a better floor cleaning. Its soft Nylon side is for large debris; the anti-static carbon fiber filament is for fine dust and nylon bristles are for a thorough carpet cleaning.

Apart from that, Dyson makes a striking comeback by announcing five new products. Its innovative attempt includes Dyson Submarine, the Dysen Gen5detect, Dyson, Gen5outsize, Dyson Purifier Big + Quiet Formaldehyde, and Dyson Purifier HEPA Big + Quiet Formaldehyde.

Every innovation will charge you with some exorbitant price. Similarly, getting a 360 New Vacuum Cleaner will be hard on your pocket. However, you can sign up on Dyson’s website to get more updates.

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