M&Co Website to Be Relaunched Next Month

Image Source: Retail Gazette

M&Co, while considering expansion of its online presence, is all set to relaunch its website in June. Further, the owner also hints at the creation of its new app in the near future.

This latest virtual market expansion will target popular M&Co dresses. Certainly, women wear, such as the next petite collection. Also, the M&Co owner Andrew Killingsworth bought this brand in February and now eagerly translating his effort into expansion.

Andrew Killingsworth holds a franchise, AK Retail. Also, this giant umbrella has other different notable brands, including Yours Clothing, BadRhino, PixieGirl, and Long Tall Sally.

Besides, this website relaunching, followed by an app, will deliver the best customer experience, high committed values, and popular products.

Image Source Daily Business

Andrew Killingsworth, CEO of AK Retail, said he has big plans for the brand: “M&Co has long held a strong reputation as a local family brand that customers trust to find high-quality clothing at an affordable price. We are committed to maintaining these values as we move forward and build upon M&Co’s strong legacy.

“We have big plans for the brand, with an immediate focus on M&Co’s digital presence, with our brand-new site set to launch at the end of June 2023, and an app coming soon. M&Co has enormous potential, and we are excited to bring our expertise and experience to the table. We want to ensure that M&Co continues to be a beloved and trusted brand for generations to come.”

Back in February, Andrew Killingsworth undertook this out-of-administration brand. Soon after MandCo regime change, AK Retail did some modifications and set new company objectives. However, this transfer of power doesn’t include M&Co UK’s 170 physical stores. Hence, those stores are at financial risk.