HMV hopes to revive the UK high street with the opening of the biggest music and movie store in Birmingham.

The HMV Vault will house 80,000 CDs, 25,000 vinyls and host gigs and sets by artists and DJs. The store will also sell t-shirts, posters, books and other exclusive merchandise.

HMV is owned by Sunrise Records, the Canadian record company headed up by Doug Putman. Putman saved 100 HMV stores from going into administration earlier this year and now wants to get the UK high street back to what it once was. 

Having already re-opened 14 stores, Putman has confidence in the market.

“The market is definitely down but we are way ahead of the market. I’m really happy,”  Putman comments.

“I believe we can grow the chain.  A lot of high streets are challenged and struggling. The UK has got an amazing high street and we want to support that. There is something really special about it and when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

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