The company has also created a new energy-efficient cold water formula developed specifically for Canadian consumers

Henkel has penetrated the Canadian laundry care market with the launch of its global flagship premium brand and Europe’s top-selling detergent, Persil. The aforementioned debut adds to the proposition more than 100 years of product innovation and a stellar track record.

In conjunction with the move, the marque is introducing five stain-fighting variants under the ProClean banner led by its 2-in-1 formula which has received the highest rating across its category in rankings by a trusted North American consumer testing publication.

Meanwhile, the line is the sole provider of Pro-Power technology for a premium cleansing with stain-fighting capabilities. Its formulas feature a five-enzyme combination to help eliminate tough stains so as to deliver exceptional cleanliness and freshness.

As a result of this process, Henkel’s research and development team made custom adjustments to the product’s international formulas to better suit the stain challenges faced in North America. Additionally, the company has created a new energy-efficient cold water formula developed specifically for Canadian consumers.

Persil ProClean Coldwater is a liquid detergent with a unique combination of stain fighters and boosters formulated to work in cold-water settings to deliver exceptional freshness and a premium clean. Featuring the proprietary Pro-Eco Technology, the offering is ideal for everyday laundry.

“Persil is known around the world for delivering a premium, fibre-deep clean with exceptional whiteness, stain-removal and freshness. Canadians can now benefit from Persil’s advanced detergent technology to get premium laundry results at home,” said Peter Guenther, President of Henkel Canada.

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