The Emmy award-winning television reporter brings to the role extensive journalism, media and communications experience

Ogilvy Public Relations has appointed Karen Paff to the position of Senior Vice President at Ogilvy Media Influence, effective immediately. The new hire brings to the role extensive journalism, media, and communications experience developed over her years as an Emmy award-winning television reporter.

A media relations strategist across a broad spectrum of clients, Paff, in her latest capacity, will report to Jennifer Risi (pictured), the agency’s Managing Director and Head. She will provide high-level media counsel as well as manage the New York operations of the aforementioned team.

Additionally, she will work closely with Jennifer Scott, Head of Ogilvy PR New York and other New York practice leads to drive new business and counsel current clients. Most recently, she served as Senior Managing Director and Chief Media Strategist, co-leading RF Binder’s media team.

Prior to entering the industry, the public relations expert spent two decades working in broadcast news covering political campaigns and also Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States. The firm has also promoted Tara Mullins to Senior Vice President at Ogilvy Media Influence.

She joined the firm in 2011 and has played a key role in its growth over the past five years. In the new position, she will continue to manage key client relationships, drive new business, and take on additional responsibilities in supporting the Ogilvy Media Influence North America team.

“Today’s announcements are key milestones in establishing the best media relations team in the PR industry. I look forward to partnering with Karen and Tara to do great work on behalf of our clients and continuing to create a culture of diverse media relations expertise,” said Risi.

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