Having secured 16,378,638 million views since the release of its Wisdom ad, winning Automotive Ad of the Year marks a fitting win

Dodge has placed first at Nielsen’s tenth and latest installation of the Annual Automotive Advertising Awards for its most recent Super Bowl spot titled, Wisdom. Having garnered interest exceeding 16 million views since its Big Game debut, being crowned Automotive Ad of the Year appears a fitting win.

Between the platform’s objective to recognise the most effective automotive commercials to have rolled out throughout the year and the carmaker’s emotional montage of interviews featuring centenarians, the highly coveted milestone is a well-deserved feather in the 1912-established brand’s cap.

Epitomising on the notion of ‘old is gold,’ the advertisement uses senior citizens to describe what they have learned in life, a delivery juxtaposed with images of a Dodge Challenger and the tagline: You learn a lot in 100 years. The execution was created in celebration of the company’s one-hundredth anniversary.

“Receiving this award is a meaningful honour as it reinforces that the risks Dodge took to deliver the unexpected were successful—in this case featuring centenarians in a video for cars that appeal to a much younger audience,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer at FCA – Global.

“It’s all about telling a compelling, engaging, and effective story, in a way that is true to the Dodge brand attitude, and connecting with consumers on an emotional level. We’re honored to receive this award because Nielsen is a trusted source in measuring ad effectiveness directly from the consumer’s perspective.”

In addition to the presentation of the aforementioned title, the research giant also awarded campaign category winners, paying homage to excellence in effective creation across the automotive industry. The top performers were announced during the Opening Press Breakfast of 2016 New York International Auto Show.

The said champions include Toyota, winning Sales Event of the Year for Piggy Bank, its annual clearance event; Nissan as Spanish TV Advertiser of the Year; Mercedes-Benz, walking away with Luxury Campaign of the Year for Fable; and Subaru for Excellence in Digital Advertising with In the Dog House.

“Great advertising is all about developing an engaging storyline and executing that in a way that connects and resonates emotionally with the consumer in a creative, memorable, and distinctive way,” said Mark Sneathen, Managing Director at Nielsen Automotive.

The awards are unique since the panellists respond based on what they watched in a natural environment as opposed to a clinical research environment. The results reflect real-life reaction to and memory of television commercials. Nielsen issues surveys for all national commercials within its covered day-parts and networks.

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