In honour of the leap year, Chipotle is marking February’s additional day by providing complimentary guacamole to its fans. This special offer is available for fans who use code EXTRA24 on digital orders exclusively made through their app and website on Thursday, February 29.

Extra Day, Extra Codes Challenge

Commencing the “Extra Day” festivities ahead of schedule from February 26, the brand is initiating an exciting scavenger hunt on their official Instagram account @CHIPOTLE. This interactive challenge promises to grant up to 29 lucky fans the delightful prize of free guacamole for an entire year.

Stephanie Perdue, the Vice President of Brand Marketing, said,

“Our guests understand that ‘guac is extra’ is not just a phrase; it’s a testament to the quality and freshness of our real food. There’s no better way to celebrate an additional day on the calendar than with our iconic guacamole not being extra.”

Chipotle’s Real Guac

Image Source Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle’s guacamole, known as “Real Guac” is a customer favourite and a key part of their menu. They are made with only six fresh ingredients, – Hass avocados, hand-chopped cilantro, red onion, jalapeno, citrus juice, and kosher salt. The “Real Guac” stands as a flavourful and nourishing provider of healthy fats.

Throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe this year, the company anticipates utilizing roughly 5.18 million cases of avocados, amounting to 129.5 million pounds of fruit.

Chipotle’s Leap Day Celebration

As a seasonal offering exclusive to Leap Day, the free guacamole promotion provides a unique opportunity for customers to experience their “Real Guac” at no additional cost. While the Real Guac is always a popular choice, the company’s Leap Day offer adds an element of fun and excitement for its loyal customers.

Not only does it incentivise engagement with their rewards program and app, but it also highlights their commitment to celebrating special occasions with their fans. This limited-time offer is a unique way to engage with customers, showcase their commitment to fresh ingredients, and, ultimately, solidify their position as a fast-casual Mexican food industry leader.

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