SKIMS First Menswear Line Features Neymar and Nick Bosa


Apparently, Kim Kardashian is not sparing any marketing expenses to make SKIMS’ first menswear line a roaring success.

Kicking off its first men’s category with the all-star campaign is remarkable. With a promise to re-design men’s comfort, the campaign features Brazilian footballer Neymar, NFL powerhouse Nick Bosa, and NBA talent Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Ever since its launch in 2019, Kim’s brand has been holding its resilient promise of creating ultra-comfortable SKIMS bodysuits, underwear, loungewear, and shapewear. Thus, SKIMS top the list in creating super comfy wear for your everyday routine.

But one must be thinking of why this expansion into the menswear space. Interestingly, this reinforcing of a new category is based on the fact that 10% of the existing customers are men. Further, its audience demographics show an 18.91% male audience. Thus, it signifies that this particular group is showing interest in the brand’s existing product offerings. By considering this statistic, the brand tries to capitalize on this particular group of consumers.

SKIMS Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kim Kardashian, said: “To have an icon like Neymar Jr be the face of our launch campaign, along with NBA All-Star, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and NFL’s top defensive player Nick Bosa, I think speaks volumes to the way the brand has evolved into becoming a brand that can provide comfort for all audiences, not just for women.”

Featuring NFL star Nick Bosa<br >Image Source SKIMS

Skims Just Drops Star-Studded Menswear Campaign

By unlocking this potential launch, men can get products divided into three categories; Cotton, Stretch, and Sports. SKIMS Cotton collection integrates soft and mid-weight cotton blends in its making. Fundamentally, it will chase your comfort with its built-in recovery feature. This series offers; Boxer Brief, Brief, Long Sleeve T Shirt, T Shirt, and Tank.

The next SKIMS Stretch series will get fame for its lightweight and ultra-soft fabric. With it, you can get a maximum stretch that fits well according to the body structure. One can get all the offerings mentioned above but in a different fabric.

With its Sport collection, one can get ease of movement during challenging workouts. Its compressive base layers adjust well under your workout clothes, providing maximum support. Further, an additional offering in this series is Mens Legging.

Featuring Neymar Jr<br >Image Source SKIMS

Jens Grede, CEO and co-founder of SKIMS also showed excitement for this new venture. According to Grede, “Entering the $111bn US men’s apparel market unlocks an incredible opportunity for the business as we work to continue to reach new demographics and disrupt new categories for the next generation of consumers.”

Moreover, debuting this new menswear collection can give wings to this business which is now valued at USD 4 billion.

Featuring NBA All Star Shai Gilgeous Alexander<br >Image Source SKIMS

This ‘technically constructed’ exclusive collection is available from October 26. You can make a purchase from the SKIMS website, offering a wide range of sizes from XS-5X. Moreover, for a single piece, the price range varies from $16-$54, while for packs it’s $42-$98.

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