While stepping into the universe of animation, super cool footwear Crocs shake hands with a Japanese manga series ‘Demon Slayer.’

Being the fastest-selling manga of all time, Demon Slayer has shot to popularity around the globe. Likewise, Crocs, a fashion faux pax, has also returned in 2023. Therefore, intermingling these trending things would, ultimately, roll out a super hot anime-inspired collection. Now, this mighty collaboration has finally been executed, thanks to the creative team.

By starting off with its physical demonstration, one can see a fusion of Demon Slayer’s favourite characters with the signature Clogs charm. While offering four different styles and patterns, each Clogs pair pays tribute to a different slayer. Four main characters exhibited through this anime footwear collab are; Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

But one must note here that the collision of fashion and the anime world has not happened for the first time. Before this, many big fashion names had instilled anime flavour into their collection for some amazing looks. To throw a brighter light on it, here are some famous collaborations;

  • Super Groupies x Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  •  Bait x Diadora x Astro Boy
  • Anna Sui x 7 Manga
  • Air Jordan x Slam Dunk
  • Gucci x Hirohiko Araki

Also, many pop culture enthusiasts have seen several Demon Slayer collaborations, such as Uniqlo x Demon Slayer and Demon Slayer-themed aircraft through ANA Airlines. 

Besides this fluffy Crocs collab, this Japanese manga series is working on season four after the completion of Demon Slayer season 3. Hence, with the return of the ufotable show, Demon Slayer will kick start its next season.

What More About Demon Slayer x Crocs Collaboration

The surprize element in this collaboration is the inclusion of an aesthetic charm. The first fictional character portrayed is Tanjiro Kamado. This specialized Crocs Echo Clogs Tanjiro also infused Tanjiro’s signature chequered green and black haori print. To embellish it further, Tanjiro Clogs has ridges on its upper foam while the sole is of a dark brown hue.

Crocs Echo Clogs Tanjiro<br >Image Source Foot Locker

The next product of this collaboration features Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado in a Croc Classic Clog Nezuko. While adorning this distinctive look, creators opt for a light pink colour with black lines smeared all over it. Moreover, adding red and white-check straps sprinkle some pop touch to it.

Crocs Classic Clogs Nezuko<br >Image Source Foot Locker

In the next amazing anime-inspired Crocs Classic Clogs, these two brands pay homage to the Zenitsu Agatsuma. Speaking of the versatile style, the Clog infuses a yellow ombre flavour. While simulating Zenitsu’s robe, Crocs sandals has a white triangle all over the superficial surface.

Crocs Classic Clogs Demon Slayer<br >Image Source Foot Locker

On the other hand, Inosuke Hashibira’s Clog features a pale blue hue with the superimposition of light blue strips. Further, its adjustable strap has black lines on a white background.

Crocs Classic Clogs Demon Slayer<br >Image Source Foot Locker

The commencement of this launch will take place at New York Comic Con, from October 12 through October 15. During this duration, you can get early access at booth number 3001. Moreover, these special Jibbitz Crocs broader release will start on October 18 through its online platform.

Although the price may vary for an individual pair, the entire series is highly affordable. The price for the Nezuko colourway is USD 65, for the Inosuke and Zenitsu versions it’s USD 70, while the Tanjiro-themed pair will cost around USD 80.

Above all, these Demon Slayer Crocs are now hot-selling articles. Grab your favourite ones before it gets out of stock.

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