EA7 Emporio Armani New Collection for Italy Sports Athletes


EA7 Emporio Armani Partners with the Italian Winter Sports Federation for the 2022/23 Racing Season and Beyond.

The Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI) recently unveiled the EA7 Emporio Armani as its new official technical outfitter for the 2022/23 racing season, marking a significant collaboration that extends to the Milano-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics

Further, this partnership encompasses the provision of technical clothing for competitions as well as clothing and accessories for leisure and formal occasions, highlighting the deep-rooted connection between the renowned Italian Marque and winter sports since 2014. 

In its endeavor to outfit the world’s top athletes, Emporio Armani UK has meticulously crafted a sophisticated wardrobe brimming with accessories, employing cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal comfort and flexibility without compromising performance. 

Surprisingly, the collection comprises an array of scrupulously designed attire, including ski suits, salopettes, jackets, mid-layers, puffy jackets, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, gilets, gym bags, hats, backpacks, and sneakers. All EA7 items are crafted from eco-friendly materials such as the innovative ARDOR7 and STRATUM7 recycled microfibers blended with recycled polyester. 

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Notably, each piece in the EA7 collection is marked by a distinctive base color of varying shades of gray, accentuated with prominent ‘ITA’ lettering in luxurious gold, paying homage to the Italian Flag’s iconic tricolor through three brushstrokes. 

He further underscored the significance of this partnership, noting its alignment with his long-standing commitment to engaging with top-tier athletes. Armani also highlighted the robust potential of winter sports as a platform for blending style and performance, all the while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. 

With the unveiling of this exceptional collaboration, sports enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike are invited to explore armani.com, where the exclusive EA7 Emporio Armani winter sports collection is now available. 

Maheen Fatima
Maheen Fatima
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