One Za’abeel has achieved the Guinness World Records™ title for the world’s ‘Longest Cantilevered Building’ with its panoramic sky concourse, The Link. 

The super-luxury twin tower, which is located near the Dubai World Trade Centre roundabout, was developed by ICD (Investment Corporation of Dubai).

According to the company’s official statement, the achievement was cemented on 1st March 2024, making One Za’abeel the latest development to add a unique and imaginative first to Dubai’s long list of record-breaking buildings.

The Iconic Landmark, The Link

The Link stretches an impressive 230 metres in length, dissecting One Za’abeel’s skyscrapers 100 metres above the ground. Meanwhile, its record-breaking cantilever extends 67.277 metres beyond the development’s central tower. 

Remarkably, The Link was completed in two phases over 16 days without disruption to the four lanes of live traffic below the operation. 

Phase one of The Link lift marked one of the heaviest lifts in the region, where the steel structure weighing over 8,500 tonnes was lifted into place over 12 days. 

Over 110 special and heavy-duty strand jacks were used, calling for a concerted effort by a team of global experts in construction, engineering, and contracting. Meanwhile, phase two saw the 900+ ton cantilevered structure lifted into place over four days.

One Za'abeel
Image Source One Zaabeel

Issam Galadari, Director of One Za’abeel Holdings, commented on the achievement, “Over the past few months, we’ve proudly watched as One Za’abeel fills with life and activity. Our endeavours to deliver One Za’abeel with innovation, excellence, and ambition have come to fruition. Achieving the Guinness World Records™ title for the ‘Longest Cantilevered Building’ serves as a badge of recognition that we have successfully delivered on the promises we set for the development from the very beginning.”

He added, “We are glad to see The Link honoured as an engineering and architectural marvel and look forward to welcoming visitors to experience this luxurious, record-breaking skybridge for themselves.”

Shaddy Gaad, Senior Marketing Manager at Guinness World Records™, said, “Dubai has transformed into a record-breaking hub, and thereby serving as a model in overcoming limitations and achieving the seemingly impossible. The Link at One Za’abeel showcases this relentless determination and innovative vision that defines the Emirate. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement today, we look forward to the future filled with boundless opportunities that Dubai has to offer.”

One Za’abeel Towers Hover Serenely Over Dubai’s Urban Landscape

Offering 360º views of the Emirate of Dubai, The Link has cemented itself as a must-visit destination in Dubai where visitors can indulge in luxurious fine dining experiences and magnificent views.

Hovering over the city, The Link is home to 8 Michelin-inspired restaurants, the UAE’s longest suspended infinity pool, and a chic destination bar.

Apart from the residences, the two towers feature the One&Only resort, the first ‘SIRO’ branded fitness and recovery hotel, and One&Only Private Homes. Plus, there are also Grade A office spaces and retail podiums. 

One Za'abeel Logo
Image Source One Zaabeel Holdings

Ultimately, the achievement of One Za’abeel Towers in breaking the Guinness World Record for their remarkable height and innovative design marks a significant milestone in Dubai’s architectural landscape.

This iconic landmark stands as a symbol of ambition, creativity, and engineering prowess. Their presence adds a new dimension to Dubai’s skyline, captivating residents and visitors alike with their ethereal beauty and monumental scale.

To learn more about One Za’abeel and The Link, visit

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